Computer Forensics Specialization

MS in Cybersecurity

Computer crime covers a wide area of illegal activities, including fraud, child pornography, terrorism, and espionage. With the Computer Forensics specialization of the MS in Cybersecurity, you'll learn forensic tools and methods that are used to investigate network-based incidents, including unauthorized observation and manipulation of data, and the illegal use of digital devices.

The computer forensics curriculum covers:

  • :: Methods and tools for detecting cyber intrusions and approaches to incident response
  • :: Tracking of internet criminals and the recovery, analysis, and preservation of digital evidence
  • :: Forensic analysis of handheld telecommunications devices such as cell phones and PDAs
  • :: Correct procedures of conducting computer and network forensics investigations, including international, jurisdictional, and privacy issues

Computer crimes cost corporations millions of dollars, threaten national security, and cause harm to members of the public. Be a part of the solution to this growing issue with the Computer Forensics specialization.

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  • National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense Education (CAE IA/CD)