Masters Economic Crime Management

MS in Economic Crime Management Curriculum

The following courses comprise the online Executive Masters in Economic Crime Management and serve to provide enhanced skills in the areas of management, technology, and analytics in a fraud setting.

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Management Courses (9 credit hours) Credit Hours
ECM 601 Proseminar in Economic Crime Management 3
ECM 611 Organizational Theory, Structure, and Design 3
ECM 612 The Manager in a Global Environment 3
Economic Crime Courses (9 credit hours)
ECM 622 Legal Concepts of Criminal Fraud 3
ECM 626 Financial Investigations 3
ECM 627 Fraud Management: Risk and Compliance 3
Technology Courses (9 credit hours)
ECM 631 Fraud Management and Technology 3
ECM 632 Information and Communication Security 3
ECM 633 Networks and Internet Security 3
Analytical Skills (3 credit hours)
ECM 642 Advanced Fraud Analysis 3
Cumulative Experience (6 credit hours)
ECM 651 Professional Project I 3
ECM 652 Professional Project II 3
ECM 653 Thesis I 3
ECM 654 Thesis II 3

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