Online Master of Science in Cybersecurity

Education and Training in Cybersecurity Intelligence, Forensics and Cyber Operations

Utica's online M.S. in Cybersecurity trains students to proactively address ever-changing attack and infiltration techniques. A leader in economic crime programs for more than 20 years, Utica designed the program in response to calls from cybersecurity professionals for a graduate-level program that combines state-of-the-art practices in intelligence, forensics and cyber operations.

The program offers three specializations targeted to students with different interests in this field:

  • :: Intelligence: Designed for professionals interested in cyber intelligence and counterintelligence, cyber counterterrorism and cyber countersabotage. The curriculum covers analysis of global and national cybersecurity policies, the study and protection of critical infrastructures, as well as operations involving cyber threats and defense.
  • :: Computer Forensics: Designed for students interested in collecting and preparing evidence of computer crimes such as fraud, child pornography and cyber espionage. The curriculum emphasizes a comprehensive understanding of the forensic tools and techniques used to investigate and analyze network-related incidents and preserve digital evidence.
  • :: Cyber Operations: Designed for students who wish to protect and defend organizations from cyber attacks. Students gain the critical knowledge needed through a hands-on, lab-oriented curriculum that includes an in-depth examination of cyber tactics, techniques, procedures and more.

The Master's in Cybersecurity program utilizes a flexible, online format with faculty-directed study and an on-campus residency. Learn more about the benefits of the residency here.

A Degree Program for the 21st Century

Utica College has been designated a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense Education (CAE IA/CD) by the National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The College has also been designated an Academic Center of Excellence (ACE) by the EC-Council, one of the premier certifying bodies in the field of cybersecurity.The online M.S. in Cybersecurity offers students advanced knowledge and hands-on experience in intelligence, critical infrastructures, and investigative principles as they relate to cybercrime, including:

  • :: An understanding of the major concepts in cybersecurity, computer forensics, cyber intelligence
  • :: Training in critical thinking and decision making skills as they specifically relate to attacks on national critical infrastructures
  • :: The application of cyber technology to field operations
  • :: Ethics as applied to cybersecurity operations and policy
  • :: A practical knowledge of cybercrime investigations, including methods of maintaining the integrity of cyber evidence

View this video of our faculty describing what makes our MS in Cybersecurity program unique.

Tools, Tips and Other Resources

Here are a few interesting tools, valuable tips and other resources in articles, industry links, and press releases to increase your Cybersecurity industry knowledge and assist you as you pursue your cybersecurity education goals.

Students may wish to explore new careers or expand their current knowledge base in counter intelligence, defense, homeland security, law enforcement and computer forensics.

Industry Partnerships

Utica College is proud to partner with several leading organizations to offer networking opportunities, discounts on Industry Certifications test prep and exams, and other benefits.

One such relationship is with CompTIA, an IT association that validates technical skills in the areas of networking, server, security, and technology PC repair and support. CompTIA offers IT certification series that test different knowledge standards, from entry-level to expert. Through the Utica College partnership, MS in Cybersecurity students are eligible for generous discounts on the CompTIA A+, Security+, Network+ certification exams.

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*CSIS Center for Strategic and International Studies. In the Crossfire: Critical Infrastructure in the Age of Cyber War. Washington, D.C.

Our suite of programs in Economic Crime and Justice Studies is formally recognized by the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA) and we are an academic member of the organization.

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  • National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense Education (CAE IA/CD)