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Masters of Business Administration

Online MBA Specializations

Customize your MBA to meet the specific demands of your business.

Utica College is committed to providing MBA students with applicable and translatable skills that can help them find high-level employment in the business world immediately after graduation. To achieve this, Utica offers a number of MBA specializations, in some of the most in-demand business sectors.

After completing the business core, you will select four graduate-level elective courses that will determine your specialization, or area of study. You may choose an advising specialization, developed by Utica College to meet the specific demands of business today, or customize your studies through our general MBA option, where you can select any four of the graduate-level elective courses offered.

If you are searching for a distance learning MBA program or a blended MBA, that can help you achieve real progress in your career, consider a specialized MBA from Utica. But with so many different types of MBAs to choose from, how do students know which MBA specialization is best? A good place to start is by understanding the different types of specializations available and how these fit with your own professional interests and career goals.


The Finance/Accounting specialization prepares you to understand economic forces and how they relate to profitability and growth, as well as introduces you to managerial accounting and contemporary issues in cost management. Upon completion of the MBA in Finance/Accounting, you will be able to expertly analyze and interpret the information in financial statements, conduct corporate financial analysis, and have experience using real-world financial models and tools.

An MBA with a concentration in Finance and Accounting can prepare you for a number of different careers in the finance industry, including:

  • ::  Portfolio Manager
  • ::  Financial Research Analyst
  • ::  Investments Analyst
  • ::  Personal Financial Advisor

This specialization includes the following courses:

  • ::  ACC 601 Seminar in Advanced Managerial Accounting
  • ::  ACC 605 Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • ::  ECN 610 Managerial Economics
  • ::  FIN 601 Advanced Financial Management

Insurance and Risk Management (IRM)

The Insurance and Risk Management specialization prepares you to understand non-speculative risks faced by businesses and individuals, as well as how to mitigate those risks. Upon completion, you will have demonstrable expertise in risk management and insurance issues like life and health insurance, disability income, retirement, investment and financial planning.

Students who graduate from the Insurance and Risk Management MBA program will have strong critical thinking and analytical skills and will be able to pursue a number of different careers in the IRM sector, including:

  • ::  Market Research Analyst
  • ::  Cost Estimator
  • ::  Management Analyst
  • ::  Information Assurance Analyst
  • ::  Information Security Officer

This specialization includes the following courses:

  • ::  RMI 610 Insurance and Risk Management for Today's Professional
  • ::  RMI 620 Property & Casualty Risk Management for Business
  • ::  RMI 630 Insuring and Managing Risk for the Person
  • ::  RMI 640 Managing Risk Across the Enterprise


The Cybersecurity specialization provides an advanced understanding of the history and evolution of cyber intelligence, as well as the impact cybersecurity networks, protocols and associated systems have on institutions, privacy, business, and government applications. Upon completion, you will have key skills in cybersecurity analysis, and cybercrime investigation and response.

Demand for cybersecurity management professionals is higher than ever. Utica College can help you gain the cybersecurity skills to compete with your peers for some of the highest-paying jobs in the cybersecurity sector, including:

  • ::  Cybersecurity Analyst
  • ::  Cybersecurity Consultant
  • ::  Cybersecurity Engineer
  • ::  Cyberdefense Advisor
  • ::  Information Security Program Manager

This specialization includes the following courses:

  • ::  CYB 606 Cyberspace and Cybersecurity
  • ::  CYB 610 Cyber Intelligence
  • ::  CYB 633 Critical National Infrastructures and National Security
  • ::  CYB 673 Principles of Cybercrime Investigations

Cyber Policy

The Cyber Policy specialization prepares cybersecurity professionals and high-level decision makers in industry and government for the challenges and evolving domains of cyberspace and cybersecurity. Upon completion, you will understand how to legally and ethically deal with sensitive data and information in a variety of application domains and settings.

The cyber policy sector is still relatively new, but demand for professionals in this field is expected to grow significantly in the coming years as businesses and government agencies face unexpected decisions and challenges related to cyber policy. Career options include:

  • ::  Cyber Policy Analyst
  • ::  Cyber Policy Consultant
  • ::  Chief Technology Officer

This specialization includes the following courses:

  • ::  CYB 680 Cyberspace Law, Public Policy and Politics
  • ::  CYB 681 The Law and Ethics of Cyber Espionage
  • ::  CYB 682 Cyber War and Deterrence
  • ::  CYB 688 International Aspects of Cyber Policy

Health Care Management

The Health Care Management specialization prepares you for the challenges of patient-centered care, with an understanding of the complex ethical and legal issues involved from an organizational level. With an MBA in Health Care Management, you'll gain the ability to assess, plan, and implement information technology projects within a health organization. Students also graduate with a deep knowledge of global health politics and services to better serve companies and agencies within the health sector.

Because of the high demand for health care management professionals, the Health Care Management MBA specialization offers strong career options, including:

  • ::  Hospital CEO/CFO
  • ::  Hospital Administrator
  • ::  Medical Practice Manager
  • ::  Health Information Manager
  • ::  Healthcare Consultant

This specialization includes the following courses:

  • ::  HCA 527 Health Care Ethical and Legal Issues
  • ::  HCA 531 Leadership in Marketing and Strategic Planning     or    
  • ::  HCA 614 Quality Management and Performance: Improvement in Evidence Based Healthcare
  • ::  HCA 616 Organization Development and Change
  • ::  HCA 627 Health Informatics


The General specialization is perfect for business professionals who need more than one area of focus, as it offers a broad knowledge base tailored to the needs of your career. You will have the opportunity to select any four graduate level courses available to design your expertise to your current and future needs.

Specializations are designed to convey practical, relevant skill sets that will establish you as an enlightened leader with the breadth of knowledge necessary for data-driven, results-oriented decision making.

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