Cybersecurity Graduate Curriculum

Our online classes are small and students and graduate program faculty work together closely in a virtual atmosphere designed to promote personal and professional development. The program requires the completion of 30 credit hours, and may be completed in two years. The program provides a core of courses at the heart of the discipline and then allows students to specialize in either of three areas: intelligence, computer forensics or cyber operations.

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Foundations of Computing for Cybersecurity Requirement (3 credit hours)
Students who have not completed foundational computer software or networking courses, or who have no practical training and experience in computer software or networking will be required to take CYB 505 – Foundations of Computing for Cybersecurity (3 credit hours) as a part of the program.

Major Course Requirements (18 credit hours) Credit Hours
CYB 605 Principles of Cybersecurity 3
CYB 610 Cyber Intelligence 3
CYB 633 Critical National Infrastructures and National Security 3
CYB 673 Principles of Cybercrime Investigations 3
CYB 695 Capstone Project I 3
CYB 696 Capstone Project II 3
Intelligence Specialization Courses (12 credit hours) Credit Hours
CYB 615 Cyber Counterintelligence 3
CYB 616 International Terrorism 3
CYB 617 Cyber Conflict 3
CYB 667 Critical Incident Command, Response, and All Hazards 3
CYB 689 Advanced Topics in Cybersecurity 3
Computer Forensics Specialization Courses (12 credit hours) Credit Hours
CYB 624 Essential Topics and Emerging Trends in Cybercrime Investigations 3
CYB 651 Computer Forensics and Investigation Methods 3
CYB 652 Intrusion Forensics and Network Analysis 3
CYB 653 Network Forensics 3
CYB 659 Advanced Topics in Computer Forensics 3
Cyber Operations Specialization Courses (12 credit hours) Credit Hours
CYB 640 Tactics, Techniques and Procedures 3
CYB 641 Computer and Network Operations 3
CYB 642 Access Methods and Data Hiding 3
CYB 643 Autonomous Cyber Operations 3
CYB 649 Advanced Topics in Cyber Operations 3
30 Total Credit Hours

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  • National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education (CAE CD)