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Utica College Online Admissions

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Application Resources

Here are the resources you need to apply for admission as an online Undergraduate or Graduate student at Utica College.

*New* Streamlined Admission Process

Designed to make applying to our online program less overwhelming and more of a partnership, UC now offers a Streamlined Admission Process option at no cost to you! Benefits include ordering your official transcripts, contacting references on your behalf, and more. 

Apply Now

Use this application to apply for admission to Utica College. Be sure to review the Application Checklist before applying. Also, when applying, be sure to complete your entire application. Some programs have special requirements.

If you have comments or questions regarding the application process, you may contact us by phone toll-free (866) 295-3106

Admission Requirements

Specific admission requirements for Utica's online programs.

Financial Aid

Find out about the many funding options available to you at Utica College.

Transfer Credits

Looking to see what courses transfer to Utica College? Use TES.

TES® the Transfer Evaluation System is an interactive database of courses that transfer, from other institutions of higher education, to Utica College. TES allows users to quickly locate course descriptions; route and track the evaluation process; store, manage, group, and publicize the resulting equivalencies; to generate lists of likely equivalencies between institutions.

TES allows students to independently peruse colleges they may have attended and determine courses that are approved to transfer and the equivalent UC course.

If you have additional questions regarding the admissions process at Utica College, please feel free to fill out our Information Request Form, or if you need assistance right away, please call (866) 295-3106 to speak with a Program Manager.