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Utica College Faculty

Learn to Meet the Challenges of a New Future

Our seasoned and forward-looking professors continually update and adapt their courses to meet the newest challenges faced by the Cybersecurity, Economic Crime, Fraud and Health Services communities. Their goal is to provide students with strategies and concepts they can integrate with their knowledge and experience, and apply to challenges they face in current and future work environments.

Check out our outstanding faculty for each of our online programs below:

Bachelor Degrees

Cybersecurity Undergraduate Program Faculty

Criminal Justice Program Faculty

FFCI Undergraduate Program Faculty

RN to BS in Nursing Program Faculty

Masters Degrees

Cyber Policy Graduate Program Faculty

Cybersecurity Graduate Program Faculty

Data Science Program Faculty

FCM Graduate Program Faculty

Fraud Graduate Program Faculty

MHA in Health Care Administration Graduate Program Faculty

MBA Graduate Program Faculty

Doctorate Degrees

Physical Therapy Doctoral Program Faculty

Online Certificates

FCI Certificate Program Faculty

Cybersecurity Technologies

Cyber Crime and Fraud Investigation

Cyber Network Defense

Online Certificate of Advanced Studies

Computer Forensics Faculty

Cyber Operations Faculty

Cyber Policy Faculty

Financial Crime and Compliance Operations Faculty

Monitoring, Surveillance, and Intelligence Operations Faculty

Organizational Risk Assessment and Management Faculty

Regulatory and Compliance Assurance Faculty