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Utica College Articles

General Topics


Advanced Techniques for Effective Research and Writing Resources
Advanced techniques for effective research can help Utica students find the best available resources... Read more

Online Tools for Task Management
With Utica College Online classes, a job, personal life and other responsibilities, managing productivity is vital to success. Luckily, these online task management tools can help... Read more

Steps to Position Yourself for Your Dream Career
It is essential to position yourself for your dream career while studying at Utica College Online. Learn how to prepare for your career while in school... Read more

Cybersecurity and Cyber Policy Articles


Utica College's Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure Transforms Hands-On Learning
Utica College's new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) allows students everywhere to access new software, technologies, storage capabilities, and more, with nothing but a high-speed internet connection.Read more

Top Technology Management Jobs
Tech Management professionals who have the technical skills, as well as expertise in the strategy, policy, ethics, and law on how to use the technology to achieve the company’s goals are in high demand. Here’s a look at a few of the more interesting information technology management jobs. Read more

Skills and Traits of a Successful Cybersecurity Manager
Achieving success in a technology management role requires more than just a fascination with the latest technology, which is why an MBA with a focus in Cybersecurity curriculum includes a strategic mix of business and technology courses to help students attain their goals in managing cybersecurity teams.Read more

Cyber Security Trends to Prepare for in 2016
Four trends to prepare for in the year ahead. Read more

What is the ROI of a Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity
A degree in cybersecurity can help jumpstart a rewarding career for individuals interested in the cybersecurity field. Read more

What Makes Cyber Security a Rewarding Career?
What motivates cyber security professionals into pursuing this rewarding career? Learn more about the intrinsic benefits of this job path. Read more

A Hiring Checklist for Cyber Security Employers
Here’s a quick hiring checklist for cyber security employers that assists with finding the best candidate for the position while ensuring secure networks. Read more

Cyber Security Solutions For IoT Security Problems
Check out the different IoT security issues and how cyber security experts are working to keep users safe while using the internet to improve day-to-day life. Read more

Government Agencies that Utilize Cyber Security Professionals
National security conflicts of the future will be digital in nature. Because of this, government agencies are looking for cyber security professionals. Read more

What is Cyber Policy and Why is it Important?
With internet usage growing exponentially, and technology advancements making everything connected online, cybersecurity policy is needed to strike a balance between necessary regulation and social freedom... Read more

Cyber Threat Article Featured in Frontline Security Magazine
James Norrie offers 3 reasons why using war metaphor does not accurately describe the complex social and legal issues related to cyber conflicts and insider threats... Read more

Shortage of Cyber Security Professionals
Utica College professors discuss the shortage of cyber security professionals and how UC is preparing students with the skillset needed for success in the field... Read more

The Business of Counterterrorism: Public-Private Partnerships in Homeland Security (Terrorism Studies)
co-authored by Adjunct Professor Austen D. Givens...
The Deepwater Horizon incident provides a large-scale illustration of several important trends in homeland security. Although DHS was initially created after the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks to coordinate federal counterterrorism efforts more effectively, the concept of "homeland security" has since evolved to address a host of man-made and natural disasters. "Homeland security" thus includes a wider range of subfields and functions, including critical infrastructure protection, cybersecurity, information sharing, port of entry security, and emergency management... Read more

Component survivability at runtime for mission-critical distributed systems
co-authored by Professor Joe Giordano...
In this paper, we define our definition of survivability, discuss the survivability challenges in component-sharing in a large distributed system, identify the static and dynamic survivability models, and discuss their trade-offs. Consequently, we propose novel approaches for component survivability. Finally, we prove the feasibility of our ideas by implementing component recovery against internal failures and malicious codes based on the dynamic model... Read more

What Qualifications and Experience are Needed for a Career in Cybersecurity?
While not all cybersecurity jobs require a degree, most require training and certifications. Earning a degree though provides an edge over the competition... Read more

Where are all the Cybersecurity Jobs?
The rapidly changing face of technology creates widespread demand for cybersecurity professionals every day. Jobs for digital security can be found in nearly every industry... Read more

7 White Hat Hackers and the Online Crimes they Help Prevent
In what is known as white hat hacking, experienced hackers work for the FBI and other legal organizations to help identify and stop many of the major hacking... Read more

10 Ways Evolving Technology Affects Cybersecurity
The ever-evolving digital age affects cybersecurity more than most people realize. The rate of cybercrimes has grown exponentially and is consistent with... Read more

Top User Habits that put Computers at Risk
Computers have proven to be an essential part of our everyday lives. Your computer is your gateway to a world of data and a portal to your personal... Read more

Ten Ways to Protect Your Online Identity
Many small businesses today don't understand the risks that fraud can have on their bottom lines. Similarly, a new business in its infancy may not have the resources available to manage fraud... Read more


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Data Science Articles


How do I Become a Data Scientist?
As the Program Director for the Masters in Data Science, I am asked this question quite often. Data Science is an exciting and fast growing field in our increasingly data-heavy world. Every organization should have someone who can use creativity and analytical skills to find answers to the challenges facing many organizations. Discover today’s Data Scientist

Why Communication is an Important Skill for a Data Scientist?
Data science analytic skills are important but another key skill is communicating. You can have the best ideas or the most creative findings but if you cannot communicate your ideas to your colleagues, manager, investors, or executives then your value to an organization is limited. Discover why communication is an important skill for a Data Scientist

Fraud / Financial Crime Articles


Faculty Spotlight – Alexis C. Bell Describes Her Path from Student to ACFE Board Chair – Part I and II
Alexis C. Bell, M.S., CFE, P.I., may not have followed a traditional academic career path, but her hard work and dedication have fueled her journey to become an international expert in fighting financial crime. We had the opportunity to ask our newest faculty member about her career journey, and how she hopes to empower and inspire students at Utica College.... Read More

Applied Mainstream Hacking: The Growing Field of Economic Crime Investigation
The word “hacker” still carries a largely negative connotation, conjuring up images of people using their computer skills to gain access to information they otherwise... Read more

The History of Economic Crime and Fraud Management
Global security advisor and futurist, Marc Goodman, recently gave a presentation for TED Talks where he discussed how criminals are making full use of new technologies which police forces around the world... Read more

Top 6 Fraud Risks for Small Businesses
Many small businesses today don't understand the risks that fraud can have on their bottom lines. Similarly, a new business in its infancy may not have the resources available to manage fraud... Read more


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Richard Brumfield» Understanding How Terrorists use Cyberspace to Target American Youth
An interview with alumni Richard Brumfield Read the interview




Erik D'Alessandro» Day in The Life... of a Healthcare Account Manager
An interview with alumni Erik D'Alessandro Read the interview




Steve Moulden» Day in the Life…of an Information Security Professional
An interview with author Steve Moulden Read the interview




» Day in The Life... of a Security and Technology Consultant
An interview with consultant Harry Cooper Read the interview


Health Care Articles


Ten Key Skill Sets of Health Care Advocates
Health care advocates provide support to patients and caregivers by empowering them to have a voice in their treatment and care, locating available resources, and helping them navigate the health care system... Read more

How Integrated Health Centers Provide Community Health Solutions
Integrated health centers use an organized collaboration of general and mental health care professionals. The system joins experts in mental health, substance abuse and behavioral health care to develop an effective treatment plan for people in need... Read more

What Are My Career Options with a MHA in Health Care Administration?
Similar to business owners and CEOs of large companies, health care administrators oversee the finances, hire staff, work with government regulations, and other challenging activities. But a fulfilling aspect that sets health care administration careers apart is the desire to provide quality patient care and make a positive difference in the community... Read more

Most Impactful Changes You Should Know About Healthcare in 2015
Change has been a constant in healthcare over the last few years and that is no different this year. Between learning the new intricacies of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), hospitals being more involved and the use of integrated care, 2015 is shaping up to be a monumental year for change... Read more

Advancing Your Degree as a Health Care Professional
As individuals are looking to advance their education and move into healthcare management roles, there are many aspects to contemplate when considering pursuing a degree in healthcare administration... Read more

Best Blogs for Health Care Professionals
In order to stay informed in the world of healthcare, finding the best resources is essential to gathering accurate information that is not only beneficial but provides insightful views into the healthcare field... Read more

Effective Health Care Leadership Skills
Today's dynamic healthcare landscape calls for highly educated and motivated administrators who maintain cutting-edge information system skills and managerial expertise as they oversee huge healthcare operations... Read more

Managing a Remote Healthcare Staff
The healthcare sector is one of the latest to follow the telecommuting trend, and proper management of the remote healthcare staff is essential to the effectiveness and productivity of its organization... Read more

Roles and Responsibilities of a Nursing Home Administrator
Learn how an online health administration degree can produce a rich and rewarding career as a nursing home administrator... Read more

Career Opportunities in Patient Safety
Improving patient safety and standardizing safety practices are two hugely important but often underappreciated elements of healthcare administration... Read more

Career Spotlight: Health Care Administrator
In a field that is demanding so many additional employees so quickly, many are returning to school to further their educations in preparation for administrative careers in healthcare... Read more

What Do Hospital Health Care Managers Do?
Hospital healthcare managers oversee multiple departments and serve a variety of functions necessary for hospital operation... Read more

Integration of Technology in Healthcare
Advancements in healthcare capabilities are due to significant progress in available technologies... Read more

Core Competencies for a Healthcare Administrator
Successful healthcare administrators implement and apply the core competencies relative to healthcare operations on a day-to-day basis... Read more

Steps to Getting Your Nursing Home Administration License
A growing field, nursing home administration, requires applying for licensure from state organizations. Utica College Online shares the steps to obtain a nursing home administration license... Read more

Administrator Career Opportunities in Health Care Agencies
The study of health care administration offers a number of unique career opportunities. Here are six potential careers for master in health care administration graduates... Read more

Maintaining Privacy and Security with Electronic Medical Records
Federal regulations require healthcare organizations to transition to use of electronic medical records systems, which include compliance with existing and updated privacy and security laws... Read more

What Is Health Care Administration?
While some believe that any role in healthcare would deal directly with medical procedure or patient care, the role of the healthcare administrator encompasses a much wider range of duties and positions... Read more

10 Trends in Healthcare Management
Health care has come under media scrutiny quite frequently this year; with the Obama health care initiative taking center stage in 2012... Read more

Becoming a Nursing Home Administrator
Those looking to grow into a rewarding new career in the field of health care may consider becoming a nursing home administrator. As a nursing home administrator... Read more


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Nursing Articles


How BSN in 10 Legislation Affects Nurses
If you’re a nurse, or want to become one, you’re probably hearing a lot about the BSN in 10 legislation passed in New York in late 2017... Read more

8 Leadership Skills Nurses Need To Be Successful
With the right skills and knowledge you can take your Nursing career to the next level. Here is a list of qualities to help you get the most from your profession... Read more

Perspectives of Hospital Based Nurses on Breastfeeding Initiation Best Practices
Study to assess breastfeeding knowledge and practices of nurses in hospitals found majority of nurses were knowledgeable of best practices related to breastfeeding initiation... Read more

Best Practices for Using Technology & Social Media
Healthcare institutions can prevent potential problems using proper policies and guidelines to address issues associated with technology and social media in the workplace... Read more

Does Music Impact Patient Care?
The effectiveness of music has been researched through a systematic review of studies on the intervention of music in hospitals. This chart shows the results from these studies... Read more

Why get a BS in Nursing (BSN)?
Ensuring that nurses are equipped to provide autonomous practice for leadership positions and advanced practice roles, and are better prepared to respond and adapt to the continuing emergence of new information and technology impacting the delivery of care, are just some of the many reasons for obtaining a bachelor's degree in nursing... Read more

5 Ways to Stand Out on a Nursing Team
Career advancement is within reach in online RN-BSM programs when you use these 5 ways to stand out on a nursing team... Read more

Keys to Fostering Nurse Leadership Skills
Fostering nurse leadership skills can be difficult, but the rewards can be high. Utica College Online discuses the keys to fostering nurse leadership skills... Read more

Mother and Daughter Graduate Together
Read about how a Mom inspired by daughter, earned her Bachelor's in Nursing online and ended up graduating together on Mother’s Day from Utica College Online.... Read more

The 8 Best States to Be a Nurse
Nursing is one of the few industries that doesn’t falter during recessionary periods. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 26 percent increase... Read more

10 Tips for Managing Shift Work Sleep Disorder
Shift work sleep disorder is an unfortunate side effect for many individuals in the nursing field due to the inevitable grave yard shifts and long hours. While you can’t always... Read more

Best Resources for Nursing Students
Accomplishing a nursing degree takes a great deal of effort and passion; however, the right resources can certainly help with tests, projects and more... Read more


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Physical Therapy Articles


World Cup Injury Statistics Show Benefits of Sport Therapy
While there were many injuries that did occur this year in the World Cup, there were fewer than past years, and the rate of injury has consistently decreased... Read more

The Expanding Role of a Physical Therapist in Patient Care
The role of physical therapists in patient care is expanding more each day. With these new responsibilities, physical therapists need to earn doctorate degrees in physical therapy to stay competitive... Read more

Motivating Physical Therapy Patients
With an online physical therapy degree, students can learn more about key factors motivating physical therapy patients... Read more

The Movement Toward Doctors in Physical Therapy
In the past, it has not been common or physical therapists to earn doctorate degrees, but with the growing responsibilities of physical therapists it is becoming a necessity for entry-level physical therapists... Read more


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Business Management Articles

Online MBA Achieves ACBSP Accreditation
The Utica College online MBA programs have been fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). “Utica College has shown a commitment to teaching excellence and to the process of quality improvement by participating in the accreditation process,” said Steve Parscale, ACBSP Chief Accreditation Officer. “This accreditation is evidence that Utica College is committed to providing the highest quality business education for its students.” Read More.

What makes the online MBA unique?
The Utica College online MBA Program was designed to prepare students for success by offering high-tech classrooms, real-world curriculum, and high-demand specialization options. Program Director Stephanie Nesbitt explains how these factors make the Utica College MBA Program unique. More from the MBA Director.

What do you learn in the first four MBA courses?
One of the many factors that set Utica College’s MBA program apart is the caliber of its faculty, who bring practical experience and reality-based, problem-solving skills from the workplace to the classroom. Here’s how our faculty explain what students can expect from the first four core courses: Principles and Practices of Leadership (I and II) and Financial Fluency (I and II). Read faculty perspective.

Teaching Ethics in the MBA Program
Ethics guide us as we make choices and decide how to act. In business, ethics are the moral rules that govern the decisions those in businesses make about how they treat employees, customers, shareholders and the public.  Associate Dean of the School of Business and Justice Studies, Candace Grant, Ph.D. answers questions about business ethics and discusses why business students should be comfortable with technology. Read More.

Nine Positions Within Health Care That Require an MBA
Want to put your Master of Business Administration degree to work in a field that is growing quickly and make a difference in people’s lives? Think health care. With the expanding diversity in the healthcare system, many management executives are needed in settings other than traditional hospitals. See 9 MBA Health Care career options.

How to Become a Healthcare Executive
Many career options are available in the healthcare field, from more-traditional jobs that involve patient care to human resources and marketing for large healthcare facilities or pharmaceutical and medical-device companies. While there are several paths to the managerial ranks, employers more often look for candidates with master’s degrees. See the MBA Health Care path.

Why Quality Assurance Matters to a Health Care Manager
If you think of quality assurance solely in industrial settings, think again. In healthcare institutions, quality assurance (QA) teams work throughout the system to design policies and procedures that promote the best possible patient outcomes, ensure compliance with a multitude of regulations, and support the financial objectives of the organization. Understand QA in Health Care.

Why Do Healthcare Managers Need to Understand Informatics?
Informatics is the heart of evidence-based, value-based medicine. Healthcare professionals are increasingly turning to this mined data to support their decisions with regard to improving both therapeutic and institutional efficiency. What Health Care Managers need to know.

The Top Five Healthcare Management Jobs
Health care is a field that continues to grow and evolve, offering an ever-expanding slate of career options. Today, professionals from many different backgrounds and with a variety of different skill sets can find a rewarding and successful career in healthcare management. See top MBA Health Care jobs.

The 5 Health Care Trends Professionals Need to Prepare for in 2017
From rising premiums to existing and new legislation, health care is a multi-faceted area that affects every American. For those working in the health care field, particularly health care administrators, staying abreast of changes is vital. Here’s a look at five top health care trends.

AACSB vs. ACBSP Accreditation: An Explanation
Accreditation can help you determine the MBA program that is right for you. What are the differences between AACSB and ACBSP accreditation? Here are some key things potential MBA students need to know. Read the MBA Accreditation explanation.

Specialized MBAs Help Job Seekers Stand Out
Specialized programs better prepare students to lead complex organizations by providing them with sophisticated expertise along with an MBA’s general skills. See these specialized skills

The Five Biggest Cyber Threats and Skills to Combat Them
In the last five to seven years, information technology teams have been overwhelmed by new cyber threats, with numerous high-profile breaches. This is expected to continue as advancing technology and proliferation of interconnected devices increase. Read more about these Cyber Threats

Managing the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage
Companies need more cybersecurity talent. Multiple surveys and industry reports, such as one from the International Security Consultants predict a shortage of at least 1.5 million cybersecurity workers by 2020. Find out what you need to do now.

Three Examples of How Companies Make Data-Driven Decisions
As more companies rely on data to make their most important decisions, earning a Master of Business Administration degree can be a game changer for your career. Learn How.

Five Managerial Positions on the Rise
Interested in a managerial position in the IT job market? Chances are you’ll need an MBA tailored to the industry in order to stand out from the crowd of applicants vying for these five IT security managerial positions. Read more about these positions.

Training for real success: Practical, powerful skills every MBA needs
A traditional MBA no longer provides the edge needed to be the right candidate for the executive position you seek. Instead, you’ll find that modern MBAs are being re-designed to provide the specialized skills that are essential for professional success. Learn these MBA skills.

3 Ways to Manage Risk Across an Enterprise
Risk is a healthy part of any business, large or small. There are a number of steps that managers can take to handle potential business vulnerabilities. Learn the Steps to Managing Risk.

How Managers Can Make Better Use of Their Data
Managers and leaders are in an ideal position to connect an information-technology team’s data-gathering processes to the rest of the organization. Read more

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