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Administrator Career Opportunities in Health Care Agencies

One of the many positive attributes of pursuing a career in the health care industry is the variety of occupations and career paths available. Similarly, the study of health care administration offers a number of unique career opportunities, making a master of health care administration degree very versatile and attractive to students with a range of aspirations.

Career Options in Health Care Administration

With a degree in health care administration, many graduates move into management roles and work closely with faculty to implement and execute effective operations and develop policies to provide patients with the most effective care possible. Individuals in the health care field that choose to further their education, have the potential to oversee a variety of essential aspects of running a health care organization – including financing, policymaking and regulatory compliance.

Career opportunities are not limited to simply working as hospital administrators; there are a variety of other doors that health care administration can open. For example, individuals often enter roles in health insurance organizations to help with strategic planning and quality improvement or choose the path of health care policy. In these organizations, health care professionals may work with government organizations to help shape public health policies.

Here are some viable occupations and career opportunities available to students who have completed a Master in Health Care Administration program:

Nursing Home Administrator

As a nursing home administrator, one is responsible for the overall operations of the facility. In this role, administrators organize and control operations while overseeing a number of other nursing home programs such as resident's care and rights. Additionally, these individuals must verify that facilities maintain adequate safety rules and procedures by incorporating federal regulations and OSHA requirements to ensure the well-being of employees and residents.

To excel as a nursing home administrator, one must have exceptional managerial, listening and planning skills, as well as a comprehensive understanding of financial matters. Well-rounded individuals with health care administration degrees are ideal candidates for this role.

Boys & Girls Home Facility Director

A career in health care administration at a boys and girls home is perfect for those who love children. There are many different positions at these facilities in the health care administration field including employment as a facility director.

As a facility director at a boys and girls home, one is responsible for operations of the facility, as well as the programs offered to the children who spend time there. Also, facility directors are tasked with developing goals, attaining and allocating home resources as well as establishing and enforcing policies for employees and residents. One of the most important responsibilities of a facility director at a boys and girls home is providing a safe and positive environment for children to grow and prosper.

Treatment Center Administrator

For health care administration graduates another career option is that of a clinic administrator. Clinic administrators often oversee daily operations at the clinic or treatment center while leading the staff in providing comprehensive health care options. Also, training and coaching staff serves as a central responsibility of these administrators. In this field, the ability to provide the best care possible to patients while remaining compassionate, but objective, is essential to the success of these types of centers.

Long-term Care Administrator

Long-term care administrators have similar responsibilities similar to those of a nursing home administrator. However, the type of care provided may be different in some cases. Long-term care administrators are tasked with creating and upholding an environment that provides high quality care for residents, while working to maintain and advocate for the patient's independence and dignity.

Furthermore, long-term care administrators are in charge of employee education and development, making it crucial to stay on top of the latest health care research and training available. Also, these individuals must create and maintain a work environment conducive to efficiency and employee morale.

Hospital Director

One of the many jobs available to health care administration graduates at hospitals is the role of hospital director. Hospital directors have a wide range of responsibilities, as the needs of many different parties must be considered when making decisions. Not only must directors think of the patients and medical staff, but also nurses, support staff, technologists and the general community at large. Additionally, hospital directors must be on the cutting edge of technological advancements in health care, be savvy of hospital financials, personnel, equipment and more.

Overall, there are many career paths available for those who pursue a degree in health care administration. Whether you like working with the elderly, children or patients, there are a range of employment options. From nursing home, clinic or long-term care administration to maintaining operations at a Boys and Girls Home, there are boundless opportunities for online Master of Science in Health Care Administration graduates of Utica College.