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Best Blogs for Health Care Professionals

It is essential for healthcare professionals to stay on top of current trends and innovations in the industry. In order to stay informed, finding the best resources is essential to gathering accurate information that is not only beneficial but provides insightful views into the healthcare field. By enhancing knowledge of the healthcare field, professionals are able to gain a variety of perspectives from authorities and facilitate a dynamic exchange of ideas.

Health Care Information and the Internet

Healthcare professionals have an unlimited amount of resources available to provide insight into the field. One of the most effective and accessible ways of gathering information on the internet is through social media and blogging, outlets that provide a way for individuals to share content they find interesting or beneficial to others. Many professionals and authoritative entities have blogs to post information and generate discussions about topics relevant to the healthcare industry.

Doctors, nurses and industry professionals typically offer insight into their own experiences in the field and share expert opinions on a wide range of topics. Other blogs choose to simply provide news or other medical related information for their readers in a more unbiased fashion. Regardless of which type of blogs individuals prefer, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Below are some of the most highly regarded healthcare blogs for professionals in the trade.

Top Healthcare Blogs

The Health Care Blog

The Health Care Blog is highly regarded by the industry as a blog that provides posts from industry bloggers and influential healthcare professionals. The blog combines informative and authoritative guest posts along with observations from individuals that are involved in any sort of changes happening in the healthcare field. According to The Health Care Blog, their content can be thought of "as a little bit like the Huffington Post with a focus on medicine, science and the business of medicine." The blog focuses on topics such as:

  • ::  Updates on the Affordable Care Act
  • ::  Healthcare startups
  • ::  New technologies that are shape the healthcare industry
  • ::  Shifts towards electronic medical records

The Doctor Weighs In

A collection of healthcare professionals have come together to weigh in on all things healthcare and health related topics. The Doctor Weighs In takes a different approach by adding a more provocative and humorous approach to some topics, which provides informative and essential information directed toward industry leaders. Content from the blog pertain to topics such as government regulations surrounding healthcare in the United States, interviews from doctors and other practitioners, and a look at healthcare administration techniques. The blogs contributor's work to ensure that content is provided in an entertaining, engaging, and educational format for their fellow professionals.

Kevin, MD

Kevin Pho is a practicing New Hampshire physician, author and national media commentator that is highly regarded as an innovator in the realm of healthcare presence on social media. Kevin's blog, KevinMD, provides informative blog posts from other physicians that contribute to this successful blog. Considered "social media's leading physician voice", the blog itself is highly regarded by reputable media outlets such as the New York Times, Forbes and CNN for providing an insight into his experiences as a physician and as a professional in the healthcare industry. KevinMD break posts up into different categories including:

  • ::  Kevin's Take
  • ::  Physician
  • ::  Patient
  • ::  Policy
  • ::  Tech
  • ::  Social Media
  • ::  Conditions
  • ::  Meds
  • ::  Education

New York Times, Mayo Clinic and the Wall Street Journal

Many reputable media outlets have started their own health blogs that offer articles on health and healthcare business. Complete with news and analysis of trends, research and news in the industry, professionals can find a variety of different resources on the Wall Street Journal's Health Blog as well as The New York Times Prescriptions "Well" blog. Both are geared towards healthcare professionals and individuals seeking general healthcare information. The New York Times allows readers to submit health questions to be answered by experts or NYT journalists.

The Mayo Clinic provides a blog for medical professionals that encompass a variety of topics that pertain to healthcare specialists. Information on the blog is intended for consumption by industry professionals that are looking for updates from a reputable organization that conducts their own research.

Additional Medical Blogs to Consider

Additional blogs online are available to peruse information and gather industry knowledge including the list below. It would be beneficial for those interested in the healthcare industry to read through several of the publications listed in this article and subscribe to their content for regular updates served to your inbox.

Healthcare professionals looking for information about the industry provided by industry leaders have a variety of choices regarding the blogosphere. Doctors, health care administrators and medical organizations are actively providing helpful content to readers to inform and educate. For those interested in advancing their healthcare career with a degree in health care administration from Utica College, reading these blogs and other educational sites will aid in staying up-to-date on emerging trends in the healthcare industry.