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Does Music Impact Patient Care?

The effectiveness of music has been researched through a systematic review of studies on the intervention of music in hospitals. The chart below show results ranging from found evidence=yes, contradictory evidence=maybe, evidence proves no effect=no, to no evidence available through research at this time.

Music provides comfort, joy and enhances the lives of patients. Patients respond to music with increased positive effects on their anxiety and mood, making this a viable option to consider for improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Utica College's online RN-BS Nursing (RN-BSN) degree


While utilizing music in patient care is not a new concept, Utica College's CCNE accredited, online RN-BS in Nursing (RN-BSN) degree prepares registered nurses to confidently explore and assess the influences of this area and others, such as the impact of environment, genetics, culture, economics and access to care on patient well-being.


The innovative curriculum and expert faculty in Utica's RN-BS Nursing program provides education around best practices in researching and analyzing the historical, social, and multicultural benefits of various trends and issues impacting professional nursing.

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