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Hiring Checklist for Cyber Security Employers

Search Actively for Top Cyber Security Candidates

With data breaches at companies like Sony, BlueCross BlueShield and assorted financial information leaks from major retailers, filling cyber security jobs with quality hires is more crucial than ever to business success and reputation. As cyber security threats become more targeted and sophisticated, hiring practices will be more important and relevant than ever.

2015 TEKSystems survey showed that most IT departments found hiring programmers, developers, software engineers and IT support was very challenging, with cyber security professionals the number one most difficult position to fill. However, there are ways to expedite the process; the following is a new hire checklist for cyber security companies and IT departments: 

1. Search Actively for Top Cyber Security Candidates

Keep abreast of the communities and professional groups for cyber security professionals and stay connected with these organizations in positive and engaging ways. Consider hosting White Hat-driven events such as conventions, innovation competitions and hackathons to draw in top talent and create relationships with potential new hires. Hosting or attending a cyber security conference is another possibility for drawing in and vetting quality individuals.

2. Brand Your Company as a Quality Workplace

Creating the conditions for attracting and keeping top hires is paramount in success with hiring cyber security professionals. Why should top talent want to work for your organization? What sets you apart? Take steps to brand yourself as a top employer by creating a desirable corporate culture that caters to the needs of the typical cyber security professional. Many new IT hires will be of the millennial generation, a group that loves the following in their work atmosphere:

  • ::  A balance of structure and self-directedness.
  • ::  An awareness of your company mission as well as cyber security’s vital role.
  • ::  A clear path for growth and advancement within the company.
  • ::  Opportunities for networking among co-workers.

3. Attention to Detail is Paramount

Beyond a degree and related accolades, is the need for a cyber security specialist to be able to work with accuracy and attention to detail. An IBM sponsored study found that most data breaches occur due to misconfigured applications or systems, or user error. Human and technical errors are the most costly to business, so queries during the interview process should be tailored to determine the conscientiousness of the potential new hire. Ask direct questions like, “What is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made in your career so far, and what steps did you take to rectify the problem?” Verifying that a worker makes accuracy and stringent testing a priority is a positive sign for cyber security employers.

4. The Ability to Spot Untapped Potential

While a quality education, experience and attention to detail are high on the checklist when looking to hire a cyber security professional, finding “diamonds in the rough” can pay big dividends. To a great extent, quality cyber security staff can be created within an organization with a superior onboarding, training and ongoing assessment program. If an applicant has experience or education in a computer or software field, they could have potential for your security team. Again, look for personal qualities like an eye for detail and accuracy in their work and offer specialized training or continued education in order to build on skills required for cyber security.

5. Get Management on the Same Page about Cyber Security as a Priority

Cyber security is a top priority, but some managers, executives and board members may not be fully aware of its importance. Take time to educate all staff to the perils of IT errors and cybercrime and let them know the gravity of making quality hires in this area. When everyone in the company is on board with this goal, it will be easier to make quality hiring decisions successfully.

Hiring top cyber security employees is the key to keeping company data and processes safe and secure. While making consistently good hiring decisions can seem daunting and difficult, these tips can have your company well on its way to hiring with proficiency. Use this hiring process checklist for connecting with the very best cyber security professionals for your organization.

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