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Student Spotlight – Expertise in Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Pam Wood, PT, DPT was honored to present her paper at the 2015 Virginia Physical Therapy Association conference

Pam Wood, PT, DPT, is the co-founder of Hand-N-Hand Therapy, LLC in Arlington, VA, and has been in private practice for more than 25 years. Soon after receiving her clinical doctorate from Utica College in 2015, she successfully presented a poster on the "Use of manual lymphatic drainage therapy for treatment of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation" at the Virginia Physical Therapy Association conference.

Her most extensive clinical training is in functional capacity evaluation, manual therapy and lymphatic drainage techniques. She’s had many experiences evaluating and treating complex medical clients, and takes pride in applying creative approaches with sound scientific physical therapy principles.

Pam WoodPam received her Lymphedema certification, LLCC through the Upledger Institute and is a member of the Medical Reserve Corps of Arlington. Check out Pam's evidence based practice blog and her website Hand-N-Hand Therapy,LLC.

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