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Online Tools for Task Management

When pursuing an online education, task management is a crucial element of success. With multiple classes, part-time or full-time jobs, personal life and other responsibilities factored in, managing productivity is often times easier said than done. Luckily, there are many different online tools available for task management whether working alone or collaborating with a group.

Effective Task Management

Through the use of task management tools, project organization can be a relatively seamless process. Whether these programs are being used to organize personal workload, group projects or classwork in general, they provide the ability to set up tasks, prioritize and share information with others.

Google Tasks

If you have a Gmail account, you have access to Google Tasks. With Google Tasks, you can keep track of what you need to do based on your emails and set up appointments and tasks on your Google calendar. Google Tasks can also be used on your mobile device, making it a portable to-do list. The program allows you to add new tasks, set due dates, include notes and check off completed tasks. The task list will stay up to date whether it is being used on the desktop or on a mobile device. As Google Tasks seamlessly integrates into users’ Gmail accounts, it is an easily accessible option for Gmail users looking for a simple, yet effective task-management program.


Regardless of whether simple or complex task management needs are required, Todoist offers many appealing features. Todoist allows you to manage projects of any complexity by assigning deadlines, priorities and color-coding. Another attractive element of Todoist is that even though it is an online task management tool, the tool can be accessed offline, which ensures no downtime, whether an Internet connection is available or not. Also, with automatic synchronization, tasks lists and due dates will always be up to date. If an online task management tool is needed for a group project, Todoist’s sister tool, Wedoist, offers much of the same features for team organization.

Remember the Milk (RTM)

We’ve all been there – when you forget something on your shopping list and don’t realize until you get home and it’s too late. Founders of Remember the Milk were experiencing that all too often, which led to the creation of this task management tool. This tool has a plethora of features that allow users to organize tasks by priority level, due dates, tags and more. Users can receive task reminders through email, instant message or text, equipping the persistently-forgetful with a valuable tool. The program also offers easy integration with Gmail, iCal, Outlook, and Twitter and mobile apps available for Android, BlackBerry, iPad and iPhone.


Flow is a task management tool that offers real-time collaboration and delegation, making it an excellent option for group projects. For example, if an assignment is a group project and everyone is responsible for different parts of the project, tasks are easily delegated in Flow to others, making project management a breeze. Also, Flow allows for collaboration, complete with files, deadlines, tasks and discussion. Even if working solo, the program has a variety of attractive attributes. For example, users can join discussions, create, share or manage tasks online, from a phone, tablet, laptop, or email, making it extremely accessible and a top-notch task management solution.


If simplicity and sleekness are key factors, Wunderlist could be the right task management tool. The program is simple, yet effective, and is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac and the web, making it accessible from anywhere. Some of the features offered are online synching, filtered lists and Facebook integration. Regardless of which platform used to access the program, its intuitive design and ease of use make it a great task management option.


HiTask is an online task manager and to-do list tool that allows individuals to manage team collaboration, share calendars and more. The tool also synchronizes projects and tasks with team members on computers and mobile phones to make group work easier to manage. HiTask can be accessed from anywhere—desktop or mobile—and one of the tool’s best attributes is the ease of use. The simple yet effective layout and design makes it great for anyone who wants to jump into task management without spending time learning a new tool.

Overall, there are a variety of online task management tools available, each one with its own appealing features and qualities. Whether you are looking for a simple online to-do list or a full-blown collaboration and delegation tool, you can surely find a tool that fits all of your needs. Next time you feel yourself overwhelmed by assignments, due dates and group project deliverables, consider setting up an account with one of these task management programs to achieve efficiency in online Utica courses, work and life.

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