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Top Technology Management Jobs

Two challenges that professionals in information technology management face are (1) the need to understand how advanced technology and the information generated and stored relates to a business, and (2) guiding the company to the right cyber policy and strategy for adopting and using the technology and data to achieve the company’s goals. The cybersecurity manager must be able to ensure the security of enterprise data, intellectual property and customer information meets compliance standards from the government and industry bodies.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the top paying U.S. states for technology management jobs include California, New York, Delaware, New Jersey and Virginia because of their proximity to technology companies and government agencies.

Here’s a look at a few of the more interesting information technology management jobs.

Cyber Security Experts

Security breaches make the news almost every day, and even the federal government is not immune as witnessed by the huge FBI data breach in which millions of background investigation records were stolen. The demand for experts in cybersecurity grows with each new report, and the skills to outwit determined hackers grows right along with the demand.

Information security officers, cyber security managers and directors are among the highest paid of all IT professionals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, (BLS) information security officers and analysts report earning median salaries of approximately $90,000 per year. The median salary for computer and information managers is about $131,000 annually, according to the BLS. And according to employment site, those working at the director level can earn more than $200,000 annually.

Cybersecurity managers must have a broad knowledge of hardware, operating systems and networks, along with business and industry expertise. Many of the higher level positions require a graduate level degree, such as a Master’s in Cybersecurity.

IT Project Managers

IT project managers typically act as a liaison between business and IT teams to ensure that IT understands the business needs and that the business team recognizes the capabilities and limitations of the technology. Business management and technology skills are necessary along with excellent project management skills to ensure that projects stay on schedule and on budget. The median salary for IT project managers is $91,000.

IT Program Managers

IT program managers manage multiple concurrent projects related to a common objective. While the project managers for the individual projects may not report to them, the program manager is responsible for ensuring that each project meets its goals.

Program managers may help define the roles and responsibilities of each of the project managers, and they may be responsible for managing one or more of the related projects. The IT program manager is responsible for ensuring that all of the projects in the program use its budget and resources responsibly and that the projects are completed on time.

Examples of IT programs might include installation and implementation of a new business or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system at multiple sites. Each site might have its own project manager with a single program manager responsible for the overall coordination of projects while ensuring adherence to the company’s core business model and standardized processes. According to Indeed, IT program managers’ median salary is $66,000.

Chief Information Officers

Chief information officers, known as CIOs, are responsible for an organization’s technology strategy and direction. They may be called upon to oversee the team that manages the company’s VoIP telephony, day-to-day operations of the data center and the entire IT infrastructure. A specialized version of the CIO, which you might find at larger corporations with highly sensitive data (banks, financial institutions), are chief information security officers. Indeed lists the average salary for CIOs at $147,000 and the average salary for chief information security officers at $101,000.

Informatics Managers

Informatics means the management and analysis of information, and it is a hot field in industries such as healthcare where confidentiality and security of sensitive data add additional layers of complexity. The regulations regarding implementation of electronic health records add to the demand for high-level security.

Informatics managers are responsible for devising technology solutions to mine information about health, treatment and patient outcomes without compromising privacy. They may work with such technologies as in-memory computing and Big Data analytics to create systems, and they may be responsible for ensuring integration and information security of multiple systems across multiple facilities. Healthcare informatics managers earn a median salary near $100,000 a year as indicated by Indeed.

Market Research Director

Market research directors analyze and manage information about consumer and business behaviors and market trends. The information may be used by companies to plan future product offerings or company expansion. Market research directors may work directly for large companies or for dedicated market research firms.

If employed by a research firm, market research directors may be called upon to consult with clients on future technology strategies. A market research director must have top-notch mathematical and writing skills, and as their reputations build, they may be called upon to do presentations at events and conferences. reports that market research directors typically earn around $91,000 annually. and up.

Practice Director

Many large IT consulting firms have practice directors who specialize in certain business systems such as SAP, Oracle e-Business Suite or Microsoft Dynamics AX. These roles require a deep understanding of the businesses, knowledge of the technology architecture, and the ecosystem of partners and third-party applications that can be integrated to round out the solution for a specific client or industry.

Extensive travel may be required, nationally and internationally. A practice director typically manages a team of professionals deployed across multiple client projects and locations. Practice director roles can be very lucrative, with shows Systems, Application and Product (SAP) Directors earning approximately $174,000 annually.

As you can see, there is a wide array of career opportunities in tech management jobs. To better position yourself for a rewarding career in this field, consider earning a Master of Science in Cybersecurity. Utica College offers a variety of advanced degree specializations to help students stand out from their cybersecurity peers.

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