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MBA Project Proposal

Use what you’ve learned to tackle a client’s real-world problem.


Utica University’s Master of Business Administration degree culminates in two capstone courses in which you’ll put your new skills to work as you solve a real-world client challenge. In this first capstone course, BUS 679 MBA Project Proposal, you’ll lay the groundwork for a professional project and prepare for the written consultation report that will be completed in the second course, BUS 689 Project Execution.

The ultimate deliverable of this two-course capstone experience is a 20-minute formal presentation that details your recommended solution to a real company’s challenge. During these courses, you’ll apply consulting skills organized around the typical phases of an organization’s engagement strategy:

  • Problem definition
  • Problem structuring
  • Data gathering and analysis
  • Recommendations development
  • Presentation

Begin by developing an opening introduction to a potential client to fulfill a service or need for their organization, then produce a consulting contract for your employment with them as an independent contractor. The agreement shall be legal and binding by all parties and should specify the tasks for which each party is responsible.

Once your client’s problem has been defined, you’ll conduct a literature and applicable theory review, including a listing of your main references with a brief (one paragraph) discussion of the general findings and/or theory of the source. You’ll then discuss how your project is designed, and what methods you are using to collect and analyze your data.

Once your proposal’s been approved, you’ll be ready to create your professional presentation for BUS 689.

Sample Topics

Throughout this course, you’ll focus on core topics or themes.

  • Course Introduction and Expectations
  • Reviewing the Literature and Applicable Theory
  • Research Design and Methodology
  • Compiling a Final Project Proposal

Sample Assignment

Throughout this course, you will complete a variety of self-assessments and a group project to gain a better understanding of your personal leadership style. The assignments will provide you with a foundation for your personal leadership styles and behaviors that will be used to develop your leadership plan at the end of BUS 612.

Are there differences in the leadership style of men and women? Should gender be a contingency variable in leadership? Discuss this and more in BUS 611.

Learning Outcomes

In BUS 679, you’ll conduct the appropriate research and complete the necessary steps to define your solutions and complete your final presentation in BUS 689, Project Execution.

  • Define an appropriate business consulting project that meets degree requirements and provides value to an organization
  • Receive proposal approval from the instructor for meeting the appropriate standards of academic integrity and quality for a master’s research project
  • Demonstrate the application of your new skills by evaluating the business problem and designing solutions for future action
  • Use executive-level business writing to present information in a persuasive context and support a proposed course of action

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