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Phishing & Whaling: How Businesses Can Outsmart a Digital Thief
<p>Phishing and Whaling</p> <p>How Businesses Can Outsmart a Digital Thief</p> <p>Careful, the next email you click on could lead to cyber crime and its costly consequences. Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly adept at hiding malicious attack tools.</p> <p>THE SCHEMES DEFINED</p> <p>The Bait: Professional looking emails designed to trick individuals and businesses into providing sensitive information.</p> <p>Phishing: When digital thieves steal information by posing as a legitimate entity.</p> <p>Whaling: When the victim is a high-profile individual.</p> <p>THE IMPACT<br/> 156 million phishing emails sent<br/> 23 percent of recipients open phishing emails<br/> 11 percent of people who open the emails open the attachments<br/> 80,000 people fall victim to these scams<br/></p> <p>WHY IT WORKS</p> <p>Emails look legitimate and are personalized. Some emails use fear tactics or urgency triggers like recalls or health concerns to make readers act fast. Employees lack knowledge to spot fraudulent emails.</p> <p>TYPES OF EMAILS TO WATCH FOR<br/> Technical: 21.3 percent of these emails look like error messages or account updates.<br/> Corporate: 15.3 percent of these emails look like professional business email.<br/> Commercial: 12.9 percent of these emails look like social media notifications or donation requests.<br/></p> <p>PRECAUTIONS EVERY BUSINESS SHOULD TAKE</p> <p>Install software that requires authentication to access or transfer money; Install top-of-the-line anti-virus, anti-malware software; Educate employees. Your best protection against phishing attacks is a combination of training and awareness; Consult with a Cybersecurity professional to maximize safety.</p> <p>RISING CYBERCRIME, GROWING NEEDS<br/> 74 percent increase in job postings over the last five years.<br/> 82 percent of organizations cite a shortage of skilled cyber professionals.<br/> Opportunity for career advancement: 209,000 cyber positions are unfilled.<br/></p> <p>3,500 businesses are victimized yearly, resulting in losses of 370,000,000 dollars.</p> <p>YOU CAN STOP CYBER CRIMINALS<br/> LEARN HOW TODAY</p> <p>Utica College offers a wide selection of certificates, bachelors, and masters degree programs in Cybersecurity and Cyber Policy, which provide the skills needed to pursue a career in this fast-paced and demanding field.</p> <p>Utica College</p> <p>1 What is Phishing? Microsoft.<br/> 2 Whaling: Why go after Minnows When You Can Catch Big Phish. Social Engineer.<br/> 3 Phishing: Why Take the Bait. Get Cyber Safe.<br/> 4<br/> 5<br/> 6 Why Phishing Works. Security Week.<br/> 7 Impact Phishing has on Business. Wombat Security.<br/> 8 Business Email Compromise. FBI.<br/> 9<br/> 10 One Million Cybersecurity Jobs open in 2016. Forbes.<br/> </p>