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Journey toward Graduation
<p>Your Journey Toward Graduation</p> <p>Being an online student at Utica College doesn’t mean you will be on your own.</p> <p>Find out about the many different types of support services available to you from admissions to graduation — and beyond. </p> <p>Utica College Never Stand Still</p> <p>Discovery Conversation: Speak with a dedicated program manager about your personal and professional goals to find out how online education can help make them a reality. As you work toward your next step, he or she will be there for guidance and support. </p> <p>Enrollment Guidance: Program Managers help you manage each step of the application process, ensuring that you submit all of the required information on time. </p> <p>Admission Decision: If you are accepted into this program, continue on the path to see your support during the next steps. </p> <p>Success Coaching: You will be in touch with your program’s success coach who will personally plan out your schedule throughout the duration of your program. </p> <p>Financial Services: Many students require some form of financial aid to help them pay for their education. Staff members in our Financial Services department can help you identify and sort through the options you may qualify for, including federal aid, military programs and employer tuition reimbursement. </p> <p>Online Orientation: We know you have questions…During the online orientation, Student Success Coaches take you through what you need to know, step by step. </p> <p>Classes Start! Get excited! And remember: as an online student, you may be studying on your own but we’re just a click or call away when you need help or support. </p> <p>These Services are Available Throughout Your Journey</p> <p>Student Services: Your Student Success Coach is your concierge-style go-to resource for questions about where to find help and support. </p> <p>Technical Support: Our twenty-four-seven help desk can help you with technical support and questions you may have about the online learning environment. </p> <p>Course Planning: Your Success Coach is available to help you select classes as you work toward graduation. </p> <p>Library: You can access resources or ask our librarians a question via online library services. </p> <p>Career Services: Find out about job opportunities, polish that resume, and research potential employers. </p> <p>Instructors: Utica College faculty members make themselves available if you have a question about your coursework or need help with an assignment. </p> <p>Alumni Services: Leverage our network of alumni for contacts, career advice, professional support, and informational interviews. </p> <p>Online Tutoring: </p> Smart thinking provides tutoring in a variety of subjects, some of which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. </p> <p>Graduation! Congratulations. Remember: graduation is just the beginning of your journey toward greater fulfillment and professional achievement.</p>