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The Endless Cybersecurity Career Options

The dawn of the digital age has brought with it a seemingly endless string of threats from hackers, cyber criminals and ID thieves. These bad actors exploit the vulnerabilities in our networks and infrastructure to steal proprietary and financial data in order to commit fraud and theft. Hardly a week goes by without headlines announcing a high-profile data breach that puts sensitive consumer data at risk. That is why cybersecurity professionals are in such high demand right now.

Information Security Managers, Security Analysts and Engineers, Database Architects and Developers, Digital Forensic Specialist, Information Security Officers, Firewall Engineers and Ethical Hackers are examples of the types of positions that government agencies and organizations of all sizes across the country are actively recruiting to help secure their data and assets. What interests you in Cybersecurity?

If you are currently seeking a new rewarding and exciting career path – or if you are already a cybersecurity professional looking to advance your career – you should consider earning a Master of Science in Cybersecurity from Utica College. The program offers four areas of specialization – Intelligence, Computer Forensics, Cyber Operations and Electronic Crime – all of which educate and position candidates to play key roles in fighting cybercrime.

As the datagraphic below illustrates, there is a nearly endless list of cybersecurity career paths awaiting skilled professionals in the field. Click the graphic to view a larger image.

Preview of infographic

Free Cybersecurity Career Guide

You may also be interested in this Cybersecurity Career Guide which provides an overview of the careers available for cybersecurity professionals.

Find out what careers are available for Cybersecurity Professionals! The Cybersecurity Career Guide provides an overview of Cybersecurity careers by sector, Cybersecurity careers by job type, Graduate education and experience in cybersecurity, and more! Click here to take me to my free Cybersecurity Career Guide.