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Infographic: Phishing and Whaling

Email is now a staple in our everyday lives. The average American receives 225 business emails a day. That number is expected to climb to 246 emails by 2019.i

While email provides an efficient form of communication, it's not always the safest. As our dependency on email has grown, so have cyber attacks that target businesses via email.

Phishing and whaling schemes are created as a way to trick employees into giving out vital information that could cripple a company. An email asking an accountant to verify bank account numbers, for instance, may look legitimate but is really the facade of a cyber criminal looking to steal money from the company.

Given this rising threat, businesses have to take a proactive approach to protect against such scams.

Many companies turn to cyber security professionals to educate employees on what to look for and to ensure their networks and digital files are safe.

To help businesses protect against common schemes, take a look at the infographic below that explains the impact cyber criminals have and how to protect against digital theft. Click the graphic to view a larger image.

Click on the image below to see the full infographic:

Preview of infographic

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