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Welcome to UC-TV!

Showcasing the excellence of Utica College, UC-TV is the educational programming media outlet for students, faculty, staff and the general public. The channel airs content related to Utica’s online degrees and the communities and subjects that these represent. This academic initiative showcases the range of knowledge, experiences, thought leadership, achievements, events, and dialogue generated by the Utica College community.

Check out the episodes below that cover healthcare, cybersecurity, cyber policy, financial crime, fraud, physical therapy, and nursing.

Utica College Television – Online MBA Student participating in live on-campus classroom session via WebEx. A Look at the Live Classroom Sessions for Online MBA Students

How an M B A can set you apart as a C P A How does the Cybersecurity Program stay current in this fast-moving field?

Utica College Television What is the MPS in Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis degree at Utica College?

Utica College Television Student Patrick McHarris explains why he choose to pursue his Cybersecurity degree at Utica College.

Utica College Television Here are some ways that the Financial Crime and Cybersecurity programs help students prepare for a Career in Law Enforcement.

Utica College Television How our faculty bring passion and experience into the classroom.

Utica College Television How our courses are designed to support online learning and community.

Utica College Television How do I balance school and work?

Utica College Television Modern Design and Technology in the Blended MBA

Utica College Television Advising and Support for Online Students

Utica College Television Cybersecurity Program quality validated with Center of Excellence Designations from Three National Organizations: NSA/DHS, DC3 and EC-Council

Utica College Television How Utica College faculty prepare students to achieve their career goals.

Utica College Television Changing to a career in Cybersecurity can be achieved with a degree from Utica College.

Utica College Television Academic Accreditation and Assessment confirm online degree program quality.

Utica College Television Employer perspective on hiring Cybersecurity professionals within Banking.

Utica College Television – Professors Joe Giordano and Leslie Corbo being interviewed by Dr. James Norrie. How Cybersecurity faculty with real-world expertise help strengthen theory in the classroom

Utica College Television – Professor Rick Fenner What Makes the Blended MBA Different?

Utica College Television –  Nate French and Tom Grasso How your Utica College degree can Help You Get the Job

Utica College Television - Ray Philo The Economic Crime and Cybersecurity Institute

Utica College Television How the MBA masters the Real World of Business

Utica College Television Learn more about Utica’s Northeast Cybersecurity and Forensics Center

How an MBA can Set You Apart as a CPA

Online M B A Program Overview Video An Overview of Utica College’s online MBA program