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BS in Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation Curriculum

The Fraud and Financial Crime program has two concentrations: Financial Investigation and Fraud Prevention and Detection.

The curriculum for each concentration allows students to dig deeper into specific areas of fraud and financial crime investigation with more in-depth coursework in subjects such as accounting, corporate finance, payment systems, privacy, and new technologies that detect and prevent fraud.

Check out the course descriptions here.

Students who have already earned an A.A. degree or equivalent are eligible to enroll in Utica College's Online Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation Bachelor's program.

See the Internships and Job Placements page for more information about the internship process for CRJ 470, and see examples of companies at which our students have interned.

Major Course Requirements (25-28 credit hours) Credit Hours
CRJ 101 Seminar in Justice Studies 1
CRJ 103 Intro to Criminal Justice 3
CRJ 232 Economic Crime Theory 3
CRJ 334 Economic Crime Investigation 3
CRJ 335 Cybercrime Law and Investigations 3
CRJ 336 Information Privacy 3
CRJ 343 Law of Economic Crime 3
CRJ 461 Proseminar in Justice Studies 3
CRJ 470 Internship OR 6
CRJ 475 Senior Project 3
Major Related Requirements (18 credit hours) Credit Hours
ACC 201 Financial Accounting 3
ECN 131 Principles of Microeconomics 3
SOC 274 Criminology 3
MAT 112 Basic Statistics, OR 3
PSY/SOC 211 Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences, OR 3
ECN 241 Statistics 3
SOC 376 Criminological Research Methods 3
GOV 341 Jurisprudence of the Criminal Law 3
Financial Investigation Concentration Courses (18 credit hours) Credit Hours
ACC 202 Managerial Accounting 3
ACC 301 Intermediate Accounting I 3
ACC 302 Intermediate Accounting II 3
ACC 303 Cost Management, OR 3
ACC 401 Auditing 3
ACC 406 Forensic Accounting & Fraud Auditing 3
FIN 333 Corporate Finance 3
Fraud Prevention and Detection Concentration Courses (18 credit hours) Credit Hours
CRJ 347 Fraud Prevention and Detection Technologies 3
CRJ 353 Fraud Prevention Techniques 3
CRJ 354 Payment Systems and Fraud 3
CRJ 365 Advanced Issues in Economic Crime 3
CRJ 444 Fraud and Compliance Operations 3
Select one of the following:  
CRJ 313 Corruption and Organized Crime, OR 3
CRJ 314 Modern Techniques in Crime Investigation, OR 3
ECN 343 Money and Banking, OR 3
RMI 273 Introduction to Risk Management, OR 3
PHI 108 Professional Ethics 3

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