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A Current Curriculum for Today's Cyber Policy Leaders

Create & Implement Leading-Edge Data Security & Fusion Policy

The Utica College graduate online Master's in Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis is a responsive career-ready program, designed to remain at the leading-edge of practice.

Your program starts with our cyber policy curriculum core - current, relevant courses designed to ground you in base concepts and prepare you to explore and examine policy issues with a firm foundation of contemporary knowledge.

Next, you will delve deeper into Cyber Policy with four additional specialized courses, to complete the Cybersecurity Policy curriculum in 30 credit hours.

To learn more, review the Course Descriptions.

Required Courses Credit Hours
Cyber Core 15
CYB 606 Cyberspace and Cybersecurity 3
GOV 561 International Relations: Theories, Practice and Policy Analysis 3
CYB 668 Organizational Risk Management Frameworks 3
PHI 655 Cyber Ethics 3
CYB 665 Legal Foundations of Information Security and Privacy 3
SOC 562 Complex Organizations 3
Professional Development 3
CYB 697 Professional Development in Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis: Current Issues 3
Cybersecurity Policy Focus 12
CYB 680 Cyberspace Law, Public Policy and Politics 3
CYB 681 The Law and Ethics of Cyber Espionage 3
CYB 682 Cyber War and Deterrence 3
CYB 688 International Aspects of Cyber Policy 3

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