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Fraud Program Curriculum

The following courses comprise the online MBA in Fraud Management program and serve to provide a solid foundation to pursue a career as a top-notch leader in the fraud industry.

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Business Core (18 Credit Hours) Credit Hours
ECN 610 Managerial Economics 3
FIN 601 Advanced Financial Management 3
MGT 610 Core Topics in Management 3
ACC 605 Financial Reporting and Analysis 3
MGT 619 Strategic Management and Leadership 3
ECN 607 Quantitative Analysis for Management 3
Economic Crime Core (9 Credit Hours) Credit Hours
FCM 535 Legal and Regulatory Issues for Fraud Management 3
FCM 603 Management for Fraud Prevention & Detection 3
FCM 604 Seminar in Fraud Management 3
One of the Following Electives (3 Credit Hours) Credit Hours
FCM 623 Advanced Fraud Investigation & Analysis 3
FCM 632 Information and Communication Security 3

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