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MBA Online Curriculum: Designed for You

Specific skills for immediate impact.

Utica College's MBA online curriculum is a performance-focused graduate program, designed for relevance in today's business world.

Your MBA Curriculum: Online, On-Campus or Both

Your program starts with our business core - 10 core courses built to ground you in deep, relevant business knowledge. Next, you will complete 12 hours of graduate level electives from one of several in-demand specializations, including a general option that allows you to tailor your coursework to your career.

The 30-credit online MBA curriculum can be completed in two years of part-time study. To learn more, review the Course Descriptions.

Required Courses Credit Hours
Business Core (15 Credit Hours)  
BUS 611 Principles and Practices of Leadership I 1.5
BUS 612 Principles and Practices of Leadership II 1.5
BUS 621 Financial Fluency I 1.5
BUS 622 Financial Fluency II 1.5
BUS 631 Data-driven Decision-making I 1.5
BUS 632 Data-driven Decision-making II 1.5
BUS 641 The Global Consumer, Markets and Logistics I 1.5
BUS 642 The Global Consumer, Markets and Logistics II 1.5
BUS 651 Strategy I 1.5
BUS 652 Strategy II 1.5
Electives (12 Credit Hours) 12
ACC 601 Seminar in Advanced Managerial Accounting 3
ACC 605 Financial Reporting and Analysis 3
ECN 610 Managerial Economics 3
FIN 601 Advanced Financial Management 3
CYB 606 Cyberspace and Cybersecurity 3
CYB 610 Cyber Intelligence 3
CYB 633 Critical National Infrastructures and National Security 3
CYB 673 Principles of Cybercrime Investigations 3
Cyber Policy  
CYB 680 Cyberspace Law, Public Policy and Politics 3
CYB 681 The Law and Ethics of Cyber Espionage 3
CYB 682 Cyber War and Deterrence 3
CYB 688 International Aspects of Cyber Policy 3
Data Analytics  
DSC 501 Introduction to Data Science 3
DSC 607 Data Mining 3
DSC 609 Machine Learning 3
DSC 611 Data visualization 3
BUS 517 Fundamental Models and Concepts 3
BUS 627 Audiences/Markets and Analysis 3
BUS 637 Revenue Diversification and Model Creation 3
BUS 647 Product/Organizational Development 3
Health Care Management  
HCA 527 Health Care Ethical and Legal Issues 3
HCA 531 Leadership in Marketing and Strategic Planning 3
HCA 614 Quality Management and Performance: Improvement in Evidence Based Healthcare 3
HCA 616 Organization Development and Change 3
HCA 627 Health Informatics 3
Insurance and Risk Management  
RMI 610 Insurance and Risk Management for Today's Professional 3
RMI 620 Property and Casualty Risk Management for Business 3
RMI 630 Insuring and Managing Risk for the Person 3
RMI 640 Managing Risk Across the Enterprise 3
  Select any 4 graduate-level elective courses.  
Capstone (3 Credit Hours)  
BUS 679 MBA Project Proposal 1.5
BUS 689 MBA Project Execution 1.5


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