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Why should you choose Utica College Online?

Offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, hands-on curriculum,
24/7 support & outstanding faculty to help you succeed

Located in the heart of Central New York, Utica College is a comprehensive, independent, private institution founded in 1946 by Syracuse University. We offer many of the advantages of a large university, such as:

  • ::  Undergraduate and Graduate Degree options
  • ::  Excellent Academic Programs
  • ::  Outstanding Faculty

...but, with an intimacy and a high degree of personal attention more closely associated with smaller private colleges.

Utica College offers a broad range of opportunities to grow personally and intellectually, helping you to build a strong foundation for success in your professional life.

Students at UC often develop strong relationships with Faculty and fellow students, forging bonds of friendship and academic affinity that can last a lifetime.

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Rankings & Recognition

Utica College is honored to earn rankings and recognition from respected 3rd party organizations in the public, private, and government sectors, that acknowledge and validate the strength of our school, faculty, curriculum, learning platforms, support network and alumni. Read more about these accomplishments here.