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Post Professional DPT Curriculum

At Utica College, you will be taught and mentored by qualified and experienced clinicians with real world experience. The online ppDPT program is competitively priced and our online classes are small, allowing students and faculty to work together closely in a virtual atmosphere designed to promote personal and professional development.

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Required tDPT Courses (18 credit hours) Credit Hours
PHT 701 Foundation of Autonomous Practice 3
PHT 712 Prevention and Wellness 3
PHT 721 Diagnostic Imaging I 2
PHT 722 Diagnostic Imaging II 2
PHT 723 Pharmacology and Pathophysiology I 2
PHT 724 Pharmacology and Pathophysiology II 2
PHT 716 Global Health Care Issues 3
PHT 816 Practicum (Variable Credits)
-Education In-service
-Case Report Writing
-Professional In-service
-Preparation for Clinical Specialty
Variable credit for PHT 816 depends on the structure and focus of the practicum.  


If you would like more information about the online Post-Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy, Request More Information or call us toll-free at (866) 295-3106. An admissions representative will answer any questions you might have about why Utica College is the right choice for your ppDPT education.