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Infographic: Are You Cybersafe

With the birth of the Internet there are new ways to communicate, send data from one part of the world to another, create exciting places to shop, share your stories, and even play games. But as with many good things, the Internet has its dark side. There are a plethora of cyber-risks that you face anytime that you go online, from malware to hackers to Denial of Service attacks.

In today’s tech-driven world, more Cybersecurity professionals are needed to protect valuable data and systems from cyber criminals. Gain the skills to fight cybercrime with an online Bachelor's or Master's in Cybersecurity from Utica College – you can help stop the spread of cyber attacks.

Click the Are You Cybersafe Infographic below to view a larger image.

Are you cybersafe? Infographic including information on the 5 most dangerous online actions, where do you access, 3 best wired cities around the USA, 5 ways to minimize your risks, world's most dangerous countries in which to access the internet, and 3 most popular online activities

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