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Online Master of Science in Data Science Curriculum

Help organizations leverage social data for better problem solving.

The Utica College online Master’s in Data Science curriculum offers specializations in Social Science Analytics, Cybersecurity, Business Analytics, Financial Crime, as well as a General option to allow students to tailor their degree to match their career goals.

This 30 credit-hour program requires the student to complete 15 credit hours in the data science core before finishing their program with 12 credit hours in an area(s) of their choosing, and conclude with a three (3) credit masters capstone project. The program is designed so it can be completed in as few as five continuous semesters of study (about 2 years).

Curriculum: Core Courses (18 credit hours) Credit Hours
DSC 501 Introduction to Data Science 3
DSC 503 Statistical Methods 3
DSC 607 Data Mining 3
DSC 609 Machine Learning 3
DSC 611 Data Visualization 3
  Select one of the following  
DSC 680 Capstone 3
DSC 690 Thesis 3
Social Science Analytics Specialization (12 credit hours)  
SOC 555 Community and Social Change 3
SOC 563 Complex Organizations 3
SOC 565 Demography 3
SOC 537 Science and Social Power 3
Cybersecurity Specializations (12 credit hours)  
  Select any four of these courses:  
CYB 606 Cyberspace and Cybersecurity or CYB 605 Principles of Cybersecurity 3
CYB 610 Cyber Intelligence 3
CYB 615 Cyber Counterintelligence 3
CYB 671 Open Source Cyber Surveillance 3
CYB 674 Cyber Data Fusion 3
Business Analytics Specialization (12 credit hours)  
ECN 610 Managerial Economics 3
FIN 601 Advanced Financial Management 3
MGT 610 Core Topics in Management 3
BUS 621 Financial Fluency I 1.5
BUS 622 Financial Fluency II 1.5
Financial Crime Specialization (12 credit hours)  
FCM 601 Proseminar in Financial Crime and Compliance Management 3
FCM 626 Financial Investigations* 3
FCM 642 Advanced Fraud Analysis* 3
BUS 631 Data-driven Decision-making I 1.5
BUS 632 Data-driven Decision-making II 1.5

*FCM 626 and 642 residency requirements waived for DSC students who complete the DSC Core before taking the courses.

General Specialization (12 credit hours)
The general specialization gives students the flexibility to design an academic focus that reflects their expertise and career goals. Students select any four 3-credit graduate level courses with approval from the Program Director.

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Utica College’s completely online format allows you to balance your studies with your personal and professional obligations. And with competitively priced tuition, it’s a solid investment in your future.

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