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Get Crime Analyst Training from the Experts

The criminal intelligence analysis curriculum delivers the hybrid knowledge you need in criminal justice, data analysis, and cybersecurity to become a top criminal analyst — information that Utica College is uniquely prepared to teach.

With 61 credit hours, the criminal intelligence curriculum was expertly crafted with a specialized combination of coursework, including courses from the nationally recognized cybersecurity and criminal justice programs.

A. CENTRAL (40 Credit Hours)
Take the 100-level courses first, 200-level courses before 300-level courses, 300-level before 400-level; take CRJ 470/475 last.
Credit Hours
CRJ 101 Seminar in Justice Studies 1
CRJ 103 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CRJ 208 Ethics in Criminal Justice 3
CRJ 212 Policing Theory and Practice 3
CRJ 222 Criminal Justice Communications 3
CRJ 2228 Cyber Technologies for Criminal Justice 3
CRJ 307 Homeland Security and Counterterrorism 3
CRJ 313 Organized Crime and Corruption 3
CRJ 314 Modern Techniques of Crime Investigation 3
CRJ 327 Assessing Evidence in Criminal Justice 3
CRJ 334 Economic Crime Investigation 3
CRJ 355 Cybercrime Investigations and Forensics I 3
CRJ 358 Introduction to Intelligence Studies 3
CRJ 384 Data Analysis in Criminal Justice 3
B. CROSS-DEPARTMENTAL (12 Credit Hours)  
PSY/SOC 211 Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences OR 3
ECN 241 Statistics OR 3
MAT 112 Basic Statistics 3
SOC 274 Criminology 3
JLM 371 Data and Story 3
SOC 376 Criminological Research Methods 3
CRJ 461 Pro-seminar in Justice Studies 3
CRJ 470 Internship (department restrictions apply) OR 6
CRJ 475 Senior Project 3

If taking CRJ 475 for 3 credits, must take an additional CRJ 300 level 3-credit elective. Permission of advisor required.

Do You Qualify to Participate in This Criminal Intelligence Curriculum?

The online BS in Criminal Justice is a baccalaureate completer program, which means that you must have an associate's degree, or have earned a minimum of 57 credits from an accredited institution prior to enrolling in the program. Here is a brief application checklist.

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