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Utica College Student Success

Capstones, Interviews, Spotlights and more

Here you can find many examples of the success of Utica College students from the time they enter the online degree programs through graduation and beyond.

Student Capstones


Cybersecurity Alumni Capstones
Read about the Cybersecurity research our alumni have undertaken in these publications.


Health Care Alumni Capstones
Check out how our alumni have been able to implement the knowledge and skills gained in Utica's online Master of Science in Health Care Administration program.

Student Interviews


RN to BS in Nursing (RN-BSN) Student Interviews
Hear first-hand from our students about their experience with the online environment, course schedules, support from faculty, and overall quality of the BS in Nursing (RN-BSN) program at Utica College.


MS in Cybersecurity Student Interviews
Students describe their experience with the online environment, hands-on curriculum and availability and support from faculty, in the MS in Cybersecurity program at Utica College.

Student Spotlights


MBA in Economic Crime and Fraud Management Student Spotlights
Article by MBA student Kevin Wendolowski, published in a recent issue of FRAUD Magazine: Fighting fraudsters who target homeless in scams


MS in Financial Crime and Compliance Management Student Spotlights
Alumni Anna Hallstrom graduated from the US Postal Inspector Academy

BS in Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation Student Spotlights
Two Utica College BS in Economic Crime Investigation (now Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation) students earn ACFE scholarships

MS in Cybersecurity Student Spotlights
An interview with Richard Brumfield about his capstone research on Understanding How Terrorists use Cyberspace to Target American Youth. Recent horrific terrorist events, locally and internationally, all carried out in the name of ISIS or ISIL, makes Richard's research even more relevant in the fight to cut these terrorist operations off at the root.  [Read Why]

Michael Doran earned a GOLD level certification from the SANS Institute using an adaptation of his MS Cybersecurity Capstone Research paper on Bitcoin Forensics. Find out how!

Article by recent graduate Kerri Heitner, published in Aviation Security International: Civil Aviation and Cyber Terrorism: Vulnerabilities Set to be Exploited

MS in Health Care Administration Student Spotlights
Recent graduate Megan Bolden promoted to Nursing Home Administrator

Transitional DPT (tDPT) Student Spotlights
Pam Wood, tDPT 2015 grad, was selected to present her poster "Use of manual lymphatic drainage therapy for treatment of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation" at the 2015 Virginia Physical Therapy Association conference in Newport News.

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