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Utica College's Economic Crime and Cybersecurity Institute Assembles All-Star Panel for Annual Conference

UTICA, N.Y., Aug. 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Economic Crime Institute of Utica College will host its 19th annual national conference October 22-24 at the Bolger Center in Potomac, Md. Titled "Global Warning! Economic Crime at Home and Abroad," the meeting brings together leading experts in the field of compliance and fraud who share insights about the proliferation of economic crime around the globe.

The keynote speakers will be former Assistant Attorney General Alice Fisher and USA Today investigative reporter Greg Farrell.

While serving as the head of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, Fisher supervised prosecutions on matters concerning national security, corporate fraud, and public corruption. She also led the Hurricane Katrina Fraud Task Force, which targeted fraud and corruption in reconstruction and assistance programs.

Farrell reports on white-collar crime, legal affairs and the regulation of corporate behavior. His book, Corporate Crooks: How Rogue Executives RIPPED OFF Americans ... and Congress Helped Them do It!, chronicles corporate malfeasance on two of the biggest scandals in business history, Enron and WorldCom.

The conference will also feature speakers and presenters from academia, government and business. Breakout sessions will be held on a wide range of topics including mortgage fraud, identity theft, money laundering, fraud prevention and corporate governance. The conference provides invaluable information for corporate and public sector professionals fighting fraud on local, national and international levels.

Martin Biegelman, chair of the ECI board of advisors and director of the financial integrity unit for Microsoft, stressed the importance of this year's gathering. "The worldwide threat of economic crime has never been greater," he said. "Corruption, money laundering, identity theft and Internet scams are growing at alarming rates on a global scale. This conference brings together thought leaders and subject matter experts in an exceptional training venue."

Founded in 1988, the Economic Crime and Cybersecurity Institute of Utica College drives leading-edge thinking on economic crime issues faced by businesses and government through educational programs, policy guidance, research and solutions. The Center for Identity Management and Information Protection (CIMIP), a logical outgrowth of Utica College's academic programs and ECI, is a research collaborative dedicated to the study of information sharing, data protection and the crimes of identity theft and identity fraud. Utica College is the forerunner in providing academic programs in fraud and financial crime investigation and Financial Crime and Compliance Management on both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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