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Utica College Online Master’s in Criminal Justice Administration to Offer Two Specializations

Innovative program reflects changing needs, growth in the field

UTICA, N.Y. (June 1, 2010) -  Utica College now offers two specializations as part of its online master’s in Criminal Justice Administration program: students may choose a curriculum that emphasizes Planning and Leadership or Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

  • - The new Homeland Security and Emergency Management specialization reflects the growing interest in and research on the need to protecting communities from attacks and natural disasters. Students will be trained in key elements of FEMA’s National Incident Management System (NIMS), as well as the Incident Command System (ICS).
  • - The Planning and Leadership specialization emphasizes the critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential to move into supervisory roles in the criminal justice field. Subjects such as ethics, accounting, and public policy are taught interactively to mirror real-world situations.

“At Utica College, we are always considering how we can best serve the needs of our students,” said Greg Walsh, professor and director of the program. “By offering these two specializations, we give students the chance to explore their areas of interest in more depth.”

Utica College’s master’s program in Criminal Justice Administration offers advanced knowledge of the criminal justice process that is increasingly essential for advancement. Thanks to practical, interactive coursework that emphasizes real-world applications, students can immediately transfer what they learn to the field.

More information about the online Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration is available on the MS in Criminal Justice Administration program page.