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Utica College Online Press Releases

In this section, you can find news related to Utica College Online.

New Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Offered at Utica College Starting This August
Five specializations offered for focused career readiness in any sector

Utica College announces the addition of the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree to its high-profile suite of online programs. The online criminal justice bachelor’s prepares students for numerous career options at the local, county, state and federal levels, and offers specializations in Public Policy & Leadership, Legal Issues in Criminal Justice, Cyber Criminology and Policy, Homeland Security, and White-Collar Crime. Read more here.

Learn to Leverage Big Data with New Online MS in Data Science
Utica College’s New Program Addresses Growing Need for Data Scientists

Beginning this fall, Utica College will offer an online master’s degree in data science to address the growing need for professionals with data science expertise in research methods and data analysis, as well as the skills to help organizations implement their findings. Read more here.

Utica College's Cybersecurity Program Recognized as Academic Center of Excellence
Many Areas of Specialization Place UC Among Elite Group of Colleges, Universities

The EC-Council, a premier certifying body in the cybersecurity industry, has designated Utica College as an Academic Center of Excellence. Utica College's bachelor's in Cybersecurity program, offered on campus and online, has recently expanded to offer five areas of specialization: information assurance, cybercrime and fraud investigation, network forensics and intrusion investigation, homeland security and emergency management, and cyber operations. In such a broad and diverse industry, these specializations allow students to develop skills that are unique to the area of the field they want to enter. Read more here.

The Investigation and Economic Impact of a Data Breach
Utica College celebrates National Cyber Security Awareness Month with Waived Fees for its Cybersecurity programs and hosts a Complimentary Webinar

Why do data breaches continue to hit the headlines even as organizations put incidence response plans and IT teams in place? Join Professors Cindy Gonnella and Leslie Corbo as they discuss using network forensics to discover vulnerabilities before the data breach and to help with recovery and infrastructure after a breach. Read more here.

Utica College Unveils New Master's in Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis
Issues with appropriately balancing national security and personal privacy are a concern around the globe, escalating the need for professionals who are knowledgeable about security and privacy requirements while dealing with complex social, legal and ethical issues. Utica College's new online degree, Master of Professional Studies in Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis, will educate and prepare cybersecurity professionals to understand and deal with these unique policy-related challenges that are present in the dynamic field of cybersecurity. Read more here.

A Pioneer Program, UC's Online M.S. in Financial Crime and Compliance Management
Utica College's Economic Crime Management online master's degree program will now be called Financial Crime and Compliance Management in order to more accurately reflect the nature of the program. Read more here.

Utica College Waives Application Fees in Celebration of National Cyber Security Awareness Month
During National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Utica College waives application fee for bachelors and masters Cybersecurity programs. Read more here.

30 Utica College Nursing Students Inducted Into Prestigious Honor Society
- Sigma Theta Tau Inductees From Each Of UC's Nursing Programs

Thirty Utica College online, campus-based and blended nursing students have been honored with induction into the prestigious Sigma Theta Tau (STTI) honor society. For the first time, Utica College nursing students from all three programs have been honored with induction into the prestigious honor society. Read more here.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month | Press Release | Utica College
Utica College celebrates National Cyber Security Awareness Month with waived fees and a complimentary webinar. Read more here.

Utica College's New Cyber Operations Specialization Answers Vital Defense, Corporate Needs
Utica College recently added a third specialization option, cyber operations, for students in the master's program to address many issues of today. Read more here.

Utica College Cybersecurity Programs Earn Prestigious NSA Approval
Utica College's cybersecurity and information assurance courses have been approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) in the college's quest to become.

UC First College in US to be Education Partner with Preeminent Association for Financial Crime Specialists Benefits include free student membership, discount on certification exam. Utica College, the first college in the nation to establish a bachelor's degree program in fraud and financial crime investigation and a master's in financial crime and compliance management, has achieved another milestone: it is the first college in the U.S. to become an education partner with the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS).

Utica College Prepares Students to Fight Cyber Threats A recent report released by McAfee Labs warns that hackers may attack dozens of banks in the United States early next year. Utica College is preparing students for the front lines of the war against these kinds of attacks through its online undergraduate and graduate degree programs in cybersecurity.

The Fight Against White Collar Crime Representatives of Utica College Online will be on hand to discuss the latest research and trends in the education and training of economic crime fighters at the 21st annual ACFE Fraud Conference and Exhibition at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, July 25-30, in Washington, D.C.

Utica College Online Master's in Criminal Justice Administration to Offer Two Specializations Utica College now offers two specializations as part of its online master's in Criminal Justice Administration program: students may choose a curriculum that emphasizes Planning and Leadership or Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

Utica College Breaks New Ground in Cyber Security, Cyber Intelligence With First-of-Its-Kind Master's Degree Cyber crime - including cyber terrorism, cyber espionage and online fraud - poses a grave threat to national security, economic health and even personal safety. Utica College has designed a new master's degree that will answer these critical national needs and arm professionals with the skills they need to prevent and counter the growing threat of cyber attacks.

Utica College to Offer Online Master’s Program in Criminal Justice Administration In January, Utica College will offer an online master’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration, highlighting the vital themes of leadership and planning for those who seek to elevate their positions in criminal justice organizations.

UC Offers New Online Master's in Health Care Administration. Utica College has added a new online master's program in health care administration. Designed to accommodate the busy professional, the new program incorporates several essential elements that set it apart from other master's programs in health care administration: management, leadership, and continuum of care.

Utica College Now Offers Nurses a Convenient Way to Earn a Baccalaureate Degree Online . Utica College, responding to the nation's critical nursing shortage, will now offer a program providing the registered nurse an exciting and accessible opportunity to complete the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Without disruption in their current work schedule, nurses can complete requirements for the bachelor's degree by taking online courses. Completion of the RN-BS degree provides nurses the flexibility to integrate their education with their personal and professional responsibilities.

Utica College's Economic Crime Institute Assembles All-Star Panel for Annual Conference The Economic Crime Institute of Utica College will host its 19th annual national conference October 22-24 at the Bolger Center in Potomac, Md. Titled "Global Warning! Economic Crime at Home and Abroad," the meeting brings together leading experts in the field of economic crime who share insights about the proliferation of economic crime around the globe.

CIMIP Press Release To combat the threat that identity fraud and theft pose to personal and national security, an unprecedented alliance of leading corporate, government, and academic institutions has announced the establishment of the Center for Identity Management and Information Protection.

Federal Grant to Study Identity Theft Patterns Awarded The United States Department of Justice's Office of Justice Programs (OJP) has awarded a grant for $173,948 to Utica College. The grant, Identity Fraud Trends and Patterns: Building a Data-Based Foundation for Proactive Enforcement, provides funding for Utica College's Center for Identity...

UC Receives $1.675 Million for CIMIP New York State Senator Raymond Meier (R-47) today announced that Utica College has received $1.675 million in state funding for the Center for Identity Management and Information Protection (CIMIP), phase two of the college's science and technology project.