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Online BS in Cybersecurity Curriculum

Recent changes to the online BS in Cybersecurity curriculum has made it eligible for completion by first-time freshmen, as well as students with some college credit.

Our online classes are small and students and faculty work together in a virtual atmosphere designed to promote personal and professional development. To learn more, Request More Information or call us toll-free at (866) 295-3106.

Program Credits

Core34-55 Credits
Major Course Requirements25-28 Credits
Major Related Course Requirements15 Credits
Specialization21 Credits
College Electives1-25 Credits
Total Credit Hours Required For Degree120


In addition to the courses listed below, students will complete or transfer in these core coursework requirements:

  • - Math Placement
  • - English Placement
  • - Foreign Language Placement
  • - Quantitative Reasoning – 6 credits
  • - Written Communication – 6 credits
  • - Oral Communication – 3 credits
  • - Foreign Languages – 6 credits
  • - Computer Use - 1 credit
  • - Humanities – 9 credits
  • - Natural Sciences – 6 credits
  • - Social Sciences – 9 credits
  • - Natural Sciences lab – 4 credits
  • - Social Sciences Diversity – 3 credits

Check out the course descriptions here.

See the Internships and Job Placements page for more information about the internship process for CRJ 470, and see examples of companies at which our students have interned.

Current Students: Please run a Degree Evaluation for your catalog requirements and reach out to your Success Coach for more information, as the below may not reflect your specific program requirements.

Major Course Requirements

A. CENTRAL (19 Credit Hours)Credit Hours
Take the 100-level courses first, 200-level courses before 300-level courses, 300-level before 400-level; take CRJ 470/475 last.
CRJ 101Seminar in Justice Studies1
CRJ 103Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CYB 107Computer Hardware and Peripherals OR3
CYB 228Cyber Technologies for Criminal Justice3
CYB 205Software Foundations for Cybersecurity  OR3
CYB 333Information Security3
CRJ 335Cybercrime Law and Investigations OR3
GOV 341Jurisprudence of the Criminal Law3
CYB 362Information System Threats, Attacks & Defenses3
B. CROSS-DEPARTMENTAL (12 Credit Hours)Credit Hours
PSY/SOC 211Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences OR3
ECN 241Statistics OR3
MAT 112Basic Statistics3
SOC 274Criminology3
SOC 376Criminological Research Methods3
MAT 147Mathematics for Cyber Security3
C. ETHICS (3 Credit Hours)Credit Hours
PHI 107Ethics OR3
PHI 108Professional Ethics3
D. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (6-9 Credit Hours)Credit Hours
CRJ 461Proseminar in Justice Studies3
CRJ 470Internship (department restrictions apply) OR6
CRJ 475

Senior Project

If taking CRJ 475 for 3 credits, must take an additional CRJ 300 level 3-credit elective. Permission of advisor required.

3 - 6

Specialization Courses

Please select one specialization. All courses listed are needed to complete a specialization. Take lower numbered courses before higher numbered courses (e.g., take 100-level courses before 200-level courses).
A. INFORMATION ASSURANCE (23 credit hours)Credit Hours
CSC 101Computer Science I3
CSC 201Discrete Mathematics I4
CSC 225Introduction to the UNIX Operating System3
CSC 316Object-oriented Programming3
CSC 323Introduction to Networks  OR 
CYB 337Computer Network Investigations3
CYB 348Information Assurance Risk and Compliance3
CYB 438System Vulnerability Assessments3
CRJ 232Economic Crime Theory OR3
CRJ 321White-collar Criminology3
CYB 338Applied Cryptography OR3
CYB 348Information Assurance Risk and Compliance3
CYB 355Cybercrime Investigations and Forensics I3
CYB 356Cybercrime Investigations and Forensics II3
CYB 455Cybercrime Investigations and Forensics III3
CRJ 347Fraud Prevention and Detection Technologies3
CRJ 354Payment Systems and Fraud3
CSC 101Computer Science I3
CYB 337Computer Network Investigations3
CYB 355Cybercrime Investigations and Forensics I3
CYB 356Cybercrime Investigations and Forensics II3
CYB 438System Vulnerability Assessment3
CYB 455Cybercrime Investigation and Forensics III3
CYB 457Network Forensics3
D. CYBER OPERATIONS (21 Credit Hours)Credit Hours
CSC 101Computer Science I3
CSC 316Object-oriented Programming 3
CYB 339Cyber Operations Tools  3
CSC 323Introduction to Networks OR3
CYB 337Computer Network Investigations3
CYB 338Applied Cryptography3
CYB 438System Vulnerability Assessment3
CYB 439Introduction to Malware Analysis3