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Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Utica’s online BS in Criminal Justice degree develops your abilities to prevent criminal behavior, catch criminals, rehabilitate offenders, and provide a system where justice and rights are continually served. As crimes become more sophisticated with the use of technology, and policy and laws change, the demand from criminal justice professionals with specialized skill sets increases.

Utica’s BS in Criminal Justice reflects the world’s current need for diverse crime-fighting and prevention professionals. With six specializations that provide specific knowledge and experiential coursework that align to your career goals, you’ll be expertly prepared to step into your desired criminal justice role.


The International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA) formally recognizes Utica’s suite of specializations in the Economic and Justice Studies programs for excellence. We maintain an academic membership in the organization.


Select From these Six Specializations

  • ::  Public Policy & Leadership
    You’ll demonstrate how criminal studies policy can affect, and be affected by, research while learning the theory and process of designing public policy and measuring its impact. You’ll also become an effective leader as you learn how to address all areas of management including planning, organizing, controlling, leading, and staffing.
  • ::  Legal Issues in Criminal Justice
    You’ll prepare to participate and lead criminal investigations with a solid foundation of policies, legal issues, and investigative techniques and strategies. You’ll also understand the implications for investigation and enforcement on a global scale, including cybercrimes that include internet fraud, e-commerce, and threats to the national infrastructure.
  • ::  Cyber Criminology and Policy
    You’ll understand how IT, cybersecurity, social networking, cloud computing, cryptography, data hiding, anonymity, and surveillance concepts relate to the modern criminal justice organization. You’ll address terrorism and counterterrorism in all contexts while understanding the laws, regulations, ethics and procedures for conducting computer network investigations.
  • ::  Homeland Security
    Prepare to defend our nation as you demonstrate knowledge of the Emergency Management response cycle, learn the importance of FEMA, the Incident Command System, and the National Incident Management System. You’ll learn risk assessment, training, emergency management, disaster recovery, and the global aspects of security administration while understanding the potentially serious consequences to a visitor unfamiliar with how a nation’s justice system works and interacts internationally.
  • ::  White-Collar Crime
    Prepare to deal with fraud in face-to-face transactions, e-commerce, and e-business, including the development and implementation of business models for production of prevention and detection products and techniques. You’ll also study organized crime and corruption in the United States, and its impact on social, economic, and political institutions.
  • ::  General
    Students are also able to create their own specialization to deepen understanding in a criminal justice area that meets their personal and professional goals. Select any four 3-credit electives based on course selection guidelines for completing a specialization within the BS in Criminal Justice program.

Graduating With a BS in Criminal Justice

As a graduate, you can pursue advanced study in public administration, criminal justice, criminology, management, and law, but you’ll also have immediate job opportunities in:

  • :: Policing
  • :: Law
  • :: Probation
  • :: Juvenile Services
  • :: Private Security
  • :: Public Administration/Planning
  • :: Counseling
  • :: Research
  • :: Regulatory Enforcement

As law enforcement staffing continues to grow in private and public sectors, Utica’s Criminal Justice alumni have taken leadership positions at the:

  • :: U.S. Secret Service
  • :: Fluor Corporation
  • :: N.Y. State Office of the Attorney General
  • :: U.S. Department of Treasury
  • :: Blackstone Hunt Investigative Agency, LLC, Sarasota, FL.
  • :: Veteran’s Administration

Criminal Justice Program Advantages

Graduating from Utica’s online BS in Criminal Justice provides you with a solid foundation in criminological concepts, processes, and issues. You’ll be able to think critically about crime, policy claims, and understand how research informs policy. You’ll also learn how economic and cybercrime influence more traditional forms of crime and the justice system’s response to these offenses.

Class sizes are kept small, so you can work closely with faculty who are experts in their fields, and apply theory in experiential coursework under their guidance.

Helpful Resources

As you continue in your education, you can relate the topics you’re studying to current events and be able to network effectively. The Resource Center is your go-to spot for recent industry news and events as well as in depth articles in economic crime, fraud prevention, cybersecurity and more. You can get more out of your online student experience by bookmarking resource center pages and visiting them often.

Admission Requirements

Recent changes to the online BS in Criminal Justice curriculum has made it eligible for completion by first-time freshmen, as well as students with some college credit. Admission requirements include:

  • :: Completed Online Application
  • :: Personal Statement
  • :: Letter of Recommendation
  • :: Official Transcripts
    • - Official final high school transcripts (with graduation date) are required for all undergraduate students.
    • - If you are entering with an associate's degree or transferring a minimum of 57 credits from a four-year college, your general educational requirements are considered complete.
  • :: SAT or ACT for first-time freshmen if you’d like these to be considered

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