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BS in Criminal Justice: Student Learning Goals

  • :: Demonstrate knowledge of key criminal justice and criminological concepts, processes, and issues.
  • :: Describe major criminological theories in terms of the causes and controls of crime, considering the community.
  • :: Exhibit critical thinking about crime and criminal justice policy claims and issues with an emphasis on questioning the credibility of claims and statistics.
  • :: Articulate how research is used to test hypotheses and inform policy decisions, including the design of evaluation studies.
  • :: Describe how ethics influence the exercise of discretion in the field of criminal justice as well as in the conduct of criminological research.
  • :: Communicate effectively about crime and the criminal justice system, including written and oral communication and technology proficiency.
  • :: Demonstrate an understanding of what effective employment in a criminal justice setting involves.
  • :: Articulate how economic and cybercrime influence traditional forms of crime and the criminal justice system’s response to them.

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