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Nursing Practice Experience

In Utica College’s RN-BSN Practice Experience nursing accreditation, students will learn to demonstrate mastery of concepts through relevant experiential learning and practice experiences in their community

Utica College understands the value of the clinical application of theory (referred to as "practice experiences"). Practice experiences prepare you to care for a variety of patients over the course of your lifetime and across the continuum of care. Student-directed practice experiences are part of some courses and can occur in the student's own community.

In the online BSN nursing course, NUR 347 for example, the practice experience coursework is designed to introduce students to community assessment and programs/services that focus on health promotion, disease prevention, and risk education for specific populations. Students will study epidemiology, which covers:

  • ::  Incidences, distribution, and control of diseases
  • ::  Infectious Disease prevention
  • ::  Health of populations and communities

Students will have the opportunity to assess community-based programs, identify health promotion initiatives and develop health education activities. They will also analyze the influences of environment, genetics, culture, economics and access to care.

Practice Experience Highlights

Starts in Week 1 and runs for 8 weeks, finishing week 8.

Students in the RN to BSN program will spend approximately 20-25 hours performing a community assessment in a community setting of your choosing and 20-25 hours developing and presenting a clinical population education program. Students should budget 5+ hours per week for this practice experience course.

The Practicum portion of this class counts toward one class credit (35 percent of total grade, divided between didactic (15 percent) and practice (10 percent) portions of this course).

Practice Experience Activities include:

Gathering information to complete required activities including the Community Assessment Project and the Teaching/Learning Plan.

  • ::  Community Assessment Project – During your practice experience, identify a community's needs, challenges, assets and strengths. Suggest priority health needs for the population of that community. The paper should be 6-8 pages, double-spaced (excluding title page, abstract, references), with complete sentences and references in APA style. (Due Saturday, Week 4)
  • ::  Teaching/Learning Plan – Develop a formal teaching unit focused on the primary prevention of a community health problem among your vulnerable population. Length is dependent on topic and audience, but should not exceed 25-30 slides. This project satisfies both clinical practice and didactic course requirements. (Due Saturday, Week 7.)

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