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NUR 413 Trends in Professional Nursing

Prepare for the opportunities of an increasingly complex health care system.

Format: Online
Duration: 8 weeks
Credits: 3

Like most professions, nursing has evolved over time. Technology, management techniques, legislation, employment issues and many other factors impact the field of nursing on a daily basis. In NUR 413 Trends in Professional Nursing, you’ll gain insight into the key factors shaping nursing today and what may influence the field in the future.

Course Description

The image of nursing in today’s society will differ considerably from the image of the profession in the future. You’ll discuss upcoming challenges that you see for the nursing profession and analyze ways the profession can change the media’s view of our field.

Learning Exercise Example

Putting your leadership to the test, you’ll complete a 42-hour clinical component during which you will apply your leadership abilities in the practice setting.

As you explore nursing trends, you’ll consider how current trends in nursing education impact daily clinical practice and whether these trends are positive or negative for the profession. You’ll also realize ways you can advance the profession, such as developing a professional stance, becoming a political advocate, and participating in professional organizations.

You’ll review trends regarding the legal principles that underpin the nurse's obligation to the patient. You’ll examine cultural competency and the ways to provide effective care to different cultural groups who each have a unique set of beliefs about illness. You’ll also look at current ethical theories and principles and how they have been formed, and you’ll evaluate the impact of electronic medical records, hospital incident command systems, and hand-off reporting.

Sample Assignment

After finding a mentor who agrees to work with you, you’ll complete a Trends in Professional Nursing Project. For this assignment, you’ll choose a current topic, that affects nursing practice and create a 20-minute presentation on that trend and its impact on the clinical environment.

A number of professional organizations such as the Institute of Medicine (IOM), Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN), and The Joint Commission drive trends in professional nursing practice. You’ll examine their effects on the field of nursing.

Course Topics

Throughout this course, you’ll focus on core topics or themes. Sample topics are listed below and are subject to change based on the instructor.

  • ::  Review of IOM and BEs Contemporary Professional Nursing
  • ::  Trends in Nursing Education
  • ::  Taking a Stance
  • ::  Legal and Workforce Trends in Professional Nursing
  • ::  Cultural, Complementary, and Alternative Trends in Professional Nursing
  • ::  Ethics in Current Nursing Practice
  • ::  Communication Trends in Professional Nursing
  • ::  Wrap-Up

Learning Outcomes: Your Top 10 Takeaways

You’ll gain an understanding of the many responsibilities of a nurse manager in NUR 413 Trends in Professional Nursing.

  1. Understand challenges facing health care that impact the delivery of nursing care.
  2. Analyze current evidence pertaining to various issues related to nursing practice.
  3. Critically reflect on current scholarship as it applies to personal and professional interests.
  4. Analyze ethical, legal and financial influences impacting nursing practice.
  5. Describe major legislation effecting nursing practice and how nurses can influence the legislative process.
  6. Demonstrate effective use of communication and research skills in the debate of relevant health care issues.
  7. Articulate the influence of professional organizations on education, research and practice.
  8. Formulate realistic personal and professional goals for the transition from registered nurse to baccalaureate generalist nurse.
  9. Critique current trends in advanced education and nursing practice.
  10. Discuss the effect of professional standards on shaping nursing education.

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In NUR 413 Trends in Professional Nursing, you’ll examine issues ranging from the legal aspects of nursing care to the role of the nurse as political advocate. For more information about this course or other courses in Utica College’s online RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) degree, request more information or call us at 315.732.2640 or toll-free 866.295.3106.

The content presented on this page is representative information for example purposes and is subject to change as course and student needs change over time.