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Watch Our Webinar: Cold War II: Battling for Information Supremacy in the 21st Century

Austen Givens Featuring Professor Austen Givens, Cyber Security author and expert on counterterrorism, emergency management, and cybersecurity and professor in the M.S. Cybersecurity program at Utica College.

The second Cold War is here. Yesterday's nukes have become today's bytes. Players like China, Russia, Iran, and the United States increasingly use cyber power to project national influence. A low level cyber war is happening right now, every day, with countries electronically attacking and counterattacking one another in attempts to steal data and destroy infrastructure. What does this mean for government agencies? What are the implications of Cold War II for businesses? This one hour webinar will seek answers to these and similar questions.

Date: Tuesday October 7th, 2014
Time: 1:00 PM EST

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