Meet the Faculty for the Online B.B.A. in Business Administration

Patricia "Pat" A. Swann, M.S., A.P.R. Associate Professor, Public Relations & Journalism
Richard 'Rick' G. Fenner, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Economics
Atasi Basu, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Accounting
Elizabeth W. Burback, M.S. Asst Professor PRL/Dig MKT
Mary Cooper, M.Ed. Assistant Professor, Accounting
Maria A. DeGiglio, MA, BCPA Professor of Practice-Health Care Advocacy and Navigation
Donna M. Dolansky, MBA Professor of Practice, Accounting
Samuel E. Ferrara, MBA, Ph.D. Professor of Practice Management and Strategy
Glen A. Hansen, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Accounting
Zhaodan Huang, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Finance
Matthew Marmet, Ph.D. Adjunct Instructor and Education Experience Coordinator, MBA
Margaret J. Morgan-Davie, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Economics
Brett J. Orzechowski, M.S. Assistant Professor, Journalism and Management
Stephanie R. Nesbitt, J.D., MBA Dean, School of Business and Justice Studies/Associate Professor Risk Management & Insurance
Thomas A. Rossi, D.B.A. Professor of Management
Mehmet Sencicek, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Economics
Christopher M. Tingley, D.B.A. Assistant Professor of Marketing and Strategy
Mark L. Vrooman, D.A. Assistant Professor of Management