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Computer Forensics Specialization | MS in Cybersecurity

Computer crime covers a wide area of illegal activities, including fraud, child pornography, terrorism, and espionage. With the Computer Forensics specialization of the MS in Cybersecurity, you'll learn forensic tools, analysis, and methods that are used to investigate network-based incidents, including unauthorized observation and manipulation of data, and the illegal use of digital devices.

The computer forensics curriculum covers:

  • ::  Methods and tools for detecting cyber intrusions and approaches to incident response
  • ::  Tracking of internet criminals and the recovery, analysis, and preservation of digital evidence and volatile data
  • ::  Forensic analysis of a networked computer system, including handheld telecommunications devices such as cell phones and PDAs
  • ::  Scientifically valid procedures for conducting computer and network forensics investigations, including international, jurisdictional, and privacy issues

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reported that its Internet Computer Crime Complaint Center (IC3) received reports of more than $800 Million in losses for 2014. Furthermore, only an estimated 10% of the nation’s fraud victims report their crimes to the IC3, so the total annual impact of internet crimes is likely in the billions1 Computer crimes cost corporations revenue, threaten national security, and cause harm to members of the public.

Where Can Computer Forensic Investigators Specialize?

Graduates of Utica College’s MS in Cybersecurity that specialize in Computer Forensics work in the field in a panoply of roles, industries and specialties. As an expert in computer forensics, you could follow a career path investigating:

  • ::  Auto fraud scams
  • ::  Government impersonation email scams
  • ::  Real estate fraud
  • ::  Tax evasion
  • ::  Virtual crypto-currency schemes like fraudulent Bitcoin scams
  • ::  Human sex trafficking
  • ::  Child pornography
  • ::  Confidence fraud/romance scams such as catfishing
  • ::  Compromised business email
  • ::  Organized crime
  • ::  Intimidation/extortion including payday loan schemes
  • ::  Drug smuggling
  • ::  Terrorism
  • ::  Violent crimes
  • ::  Social media crimes including click-jacking, doxing and pharming

Five Computer Forensics Certifications to Elevate Your Career

The curriculum of the MS in Cybersecurity and the Computer Forensics specialization will prepare you with the foundational, comprehensive knowledge that serves as a launchpad for additional study and exam preparation, should you decide to pursue any of the following industry certifications.


Granting Organization

Learn More

Computer Forensic Computer Examiner – CFCE

IACIS – International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists

Certified Computer Examiner – CCE

ISFCE - International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners

GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner or Analyst – GCFE or GCFA

GIAC - Global Information Assurance Certification

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator V8 – CHFI

EC-Council - International Council of E-Commerce Consultants

Professional Certified Investigator – PCI

ASIS International

Forensic Computer Analyst Job Description

Wondering how much a computer forensic investigator makes? Or what cities are best for landing a job investigating computer crimes? Check out one exemplary job title in this field, its roles and responsibilities, pay range and the best cities to find a job.

Job title: Forensic Computer Analyst
Median pay: $68,483
Top pay: $113,982
Job growth, 20-years: 11%

Job Description:

  • ::  Conducts forensic investigations of security incidents such as intellectual property theft, attacks, intrusions and computer abuse
  • ::  Demonstrates practical skills performing software and hardware testing
  • ::  Follows through on investigative leads until all possible avenues have been exhausted
  • ::  Prepares reports and documents case details, development and outcome
  • ::  Performs post-incident forensics without destroying critical data
  • ::  Serves as the subject matter expert from detection to investigation through deposition and prosecution

Cities with Demand: Washington, DC; Annapolis, MD; New York, NY; Arlington, VA; Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX2

Here are some helpful tips from a student in the Computer Forensics specialization.

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2 Salary information from Job growth data for 2012-2022 from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Best cities, based on number of job listings, from