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Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Intelligence Analysis

Lower Crime Rates & Catch Criminals — No Contact Required.

In less than a decade, technology radically changed the operations of law enforcement. There has been a surge of growth in crime analysis centers and the addition of non-traditional, investigative roles like that of the crime analyst in larger police departments. In this 21st century approach to policing, you focus on the analysis of crime patterns and data-driven solutions to lower the rate of violent crimes — like gun, gang and drug activities — without ever having to carry a gun or physically chase down a criminal.

Utica College’s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Intelligence Analysis is one of the first in the country to offer the specialized online intelligence degree — one that combines advanced knowledge of criminal behavior with razor-sharp skills in criminal data analysis.

You’ll learn and connect critical blended skills such as:

  • :: Criminal Subject Matter Expertise
  • :: Analytic Methodologies
  • :: Ethics
  • :: Information Handling and Processing
  • :: Communication and Presentation of Patterns and Information
  • :: Critical Thinking
  • :: Computer Literacy

You’ll lower crime rates through data analysis and solid research skills, uncovering the patterns of crime and presenting solutions to:

  • :: Predict and stop physical criminal activity
  • :: Guide public policy to permanently reduce crime rates
  • :: Solve critical cases
  • :: Put violent offenders behind bars without ever coming into contact with them
  • :: Improve the use of police resources through strategic-allocation recommendations

Earn Your Intelligence Degree Online From Leading Experts

The degree delivers the hybrid knowledge you need in criminal justice, data analysis, and cybersecurity to become an expert criminal analyst — an in-demand position in law enforcement and crime analysis centers across the country — information that Utica College is expertly prepared to teach.

The BS Criminal Intelligence Analysis program is taught out of the same School of Business and Justice Studies as Utica College’s cybersecurity and criminal justice programs which are nationally recognized for excellence by the country’s leading law enforcement and cybersecurity organizations:

In this 100% online program, you’ll gain a mastery of 21st century criminal intelligence analyst skills — taught by faculty who are leading experts in the industry — without having to leave your home or your current job.

The Intelligence Analyst Degree that Expertly Prepares You for Your Career as a Crime Analyst

The online intelligence degree at Utica College, the BS in Criminal Intelligence Analysis, delivers the combination of the unique knowledge and skillsets you need, connecting facts, figures, intuition, and abilities in meaningful ways to become a top criminal analyst.

  1. Chart the history and context of crime analysis within the field of criminal justice, including how crime analysis is linked to criminal justice operations and which agencies are involved in the U.S. intelligence community.
  2. Apply criminological theories to the explanation and prediction of past, present, and potential future criminal activity.
  3. Identify and locate relevant and credible information using multiple collection platforms: human, signals, geospatial, financial, measurement and signatures, and open-source.
  4. Manipulate and analyze data using multiple collection platforms and a variety of quantitative and qualitative approaches for tactical, strategic, operational, and administrative purposes.
  5. Distinguish between and critically evaluate defensive and offensive counterintelligence tactics for protecting information and intelligence.
  6. Outline and describe strategies for intelligence management, particularly how to organize and process information and how to store intelligence.
  7. Enumerate and discuss relevant ethical and legal regulations pertaining to the use of information and intelligence in criminal justice contexts.
  8. Produce accurate, clear, and concise intelligence written and oral reports that recommend actionable steps based on collection and analysis of relevant information.

You’ll Be Well Prepared to Pursue Crime Analyst Certification

Completing your online criminal intelligence analyst degree at Utica College delivers the education you need to successfully prepare for the Certified Crime Analyst exam in NY.

It also builds the foundation in education and work experience you need to become a Certified Law Enforcement Analyst through the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA) or a Criminal Intelligence Certified Analyst (CICA) through the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts.

Do You Qualify for This Exciting Program?

Recent changes to the online BS in Criminal Intelligence Analysis curriculum has made it eligible for completion by first-time freshmen, as well as students with some college credit.

Admission requirements:

  • ::  Completed Online Application
  • :: Personal Statement
  • :: Letter of Recommendation
  • :: Official Transcripts
    • - Official final high school transcripts (with graduation date) are required for all undergraduate students.
    • - If you are entering with an associate's degree or transferring a minimum of 57 credits from a four-year college, your general educational requirements are considered complete.
  • :: SAT or ACT for first-time freshmen if you’d like these to be considered

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