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The Career Outlook for Criminal Intelligence Analysts: Jobs, Salaries and More

Criminal intelligence analyst jobs are getting more press in recent years and gaining traction in private, for-profit companies as well as in government roles. The rapid addition of fusion centers run by Homeland Security, the direct benefits the role plays in dramatically lowered crime rates, and the advancements made in technologies for the industry all contribute to the rapid growth of the position.

You’re Prepared to Handle All the Elements of Crime Analyst Jobs

Due to the many demands of the crime analyst job, your position may focus on one, or a blend, of analysis elements. As a graduate of Utica College’s online BS in CIA, you’re well prepared to handle them all.

  1. Tactical
    Tactical analysis focuses on the summary and presentation of crime statistics. It helps patrol officers and the public by increasing situational awareness.
  2. Strategic
    This focus requires using more advanced tools and analytical skill. The main goal is to achieve long-term planning and problem solving.
  3. Administrative
    Administration keeps the crime analysts, community, and the department aligned to goals as plans are implemented.
  4. Intelligence
    This refers to using criminal intelligence information to predict the capabilities and vulnerabilities of investigative strategies.

You Can Search These Titles for Crime Analyst Jobs

In larger organizations, or with companies that might specialize in data, you’re more likely to find crime analyst job titles that concentrate on a specific analytical element. So, in addition to searching, “Crime Analyst Jobs” when you begin your search, be sure to also include these titles:

  • :: Tactical Analyst
    Through a number of specific duties, you’ll be responsible for providing timely, reliable crime data that the department can act upon.
  • :: Strategic Analyst
    Using tactical information and research, you’ll develop and implement specific operations to reduce crime rates.
  • :: Administrative / Research Analyst
    Using quantitative and qualitative methods, you’ll present complex and detailed reports and manage crime-reduction projects, from scope creep through cost-benefit analysis.
  • :: Intelligence Analyst/Security or Threat Intelligence Analyst
    You’ll develop systems to identify and track organized crime and the individuals related to it.
  • :: Crime Analysis Supervisor
    After considerable experience, you’ll oversees a staff of crime analysts and foster relationships with local communities and businesses to share information.

Each of these roles has a separate and extensive list of responsibilities.

Understand the Intelligence Analyst Salary Range

An average salary for the intelligence analysis job is influenced by the breakout of titles, overlap of responsibilities, size and focus of the company, whether you work for a private organization or the government, your working experience, and the state you work in.

  • :: National Average
    Career Builder lists the national average intelligence analyst salary at $85,000. However, the top-paying median wage range more than doubles between the low and high end from $60,500 in Nebraska to $134,500 in Washington, D.C.1 and O*Net reports a median wage of $78,1202.
  • :: National Government
    Under the all-inclusive role of “Intelligence Analysts” are many additional qualifying titles and responsibilities that affect salary. Glassdoor reveals that the average salary for FBI intelligence analysts is $87,966 with a reported range between $64,418 and $125,0003. The CIA intelligence analysts roles are similar at $89,316, with a range between $56,000 and $122,355.4

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