Cyber Crime and Fraud Investigation Online Certificate: Curriculum

Curriculum Details


The Cyber Crime and Fraud Investigation Certificate gives you the opportunity to learn the hands-on investigative skills it takes to identify cyber threats in today's ever-changing digital world. From gaining a high-level overview of cyber technology issues in criminal justice to examining methods of recovering and safely preserving your evidence, you'll be ready to hit the ground running in this exciting field.

The curriculum course abstracts on this page are meant to provide a high-level course overview and subject to change based on term, faculty, and/or institutional requirements. View the official course descriptions as written in the Utica College Academic Catalog and in adherence to regional compliance.

Required Courses

Credit Hours

Major Course Requirements Total Hours:

CYB 228 Cyber Technologies for Criminal JusticeCredit Hours: 3

Learn the basics of cyber technologies and their relationship to the modern criminal justice organization. You'll become familiar with topics like information technology, cybersecurity, social networking, cloud computing, cryptography, data hiding, anonymity, and surveillance.

CRJ 354 Payment Systems and FraudCredit Hours: 3

Examine modern payment systems from a global perspective. You'll become familiar with opportunities for fraud within payment systems, and learn techniques for preventing, detecting, and investigating fraud.

Prerequisite: CRJ 232 or permission of instructor

CYB 355 Cybercrime Investigations and Forensics ICredit Hours: 3

Along with an introduction to forensic tools, you'll explore computer forensic principles including operating system concepts, registry structures, file system concepts, boot process, and file operations. You'll also learn about intrusion detection methodologies, tools, and approaches to incident response.

Prerequisites: CRJ 103 and CYB 228

CYB 356 Cybercrime Investigations and Forensics IICredit Hours: 3

Explore methods of digital information retrieval. You'll complete exercises for search, recovery, imaging, analysis, and preservation of evidence on disk drives and other storage media.

Prerequisite: CYB 355

CYB 455 Cybercrime Investigation and Forensics IIICredit Hours: 3

You'll learn theories and techniques for tracking attackers across the internet and then undertake practical exercises from case studies of internet-based crimes.

Prerequisite: CRJ 356

CRJ 347 Fraud Prevention and Detection TechnologiesCredit Hours: 3

Get to know the types of proactive technology programs and tools that are used to prevent and detect the occurence of fraudulent face-to-face, e-commerce, and e-business transactions. You'll also examine the development and implementation of business models for creating prevention and detection products and techniques.

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