Advanced Studies in Cyber Operations: Online Certificate Curriculum

Curriculum Details


Through six courses, you'll explore the intricacies of computer network operations. You will also learn the tactics, techniques, and procedures used to navigate cyber issues; examine data hiding tools and investigation; and dissect cybersecurity methods for attacking, defending, and exploiting networks, so you can understand your adversary.

When you're ready, you may seamlessly transition into one of three graduate programs: the Master's in Cybersecurity, the Master’s in Cybersecurity: Cyber Policy Specialization, and Master of Business Administration (MBA). Note, not all credit hours may transfer into the Master's degree. Permission of the Program Director is required.

The curriculum course abstracts on this page are meant to provide a high-level course overview and subject to change based on term, faculty, and/or institutional requirements. View the official course descriptions as written in the Utica College Academic Catalog and in adherence to regional compliance.

Required Courses

Credit Hours

Major Course Requirements Total Hours:

CYB 640 Tactics, Techniques, and ProceduresCredit Hours: 3

Explore the ethical, technical, and legal fundamentals associated with cyber operations.

Prerequisites: CYB 605, CYB 610, CYB 633, and CYB 673 or permission of instructor

CYB 641 Computer and Network OperationsCredit Hours: 3

Perform studies of attack and defense methods in the cyber environment and learn about the intricacies of vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and system exploitation.

Prerequisites: CYB 605, CYB 610, CYB 633 and CYB 673, or permission of instructor

CYB 642 Access Methods and Data HidingCredit Hours: 3

Explore data hiding, including methods of anonymity, steganography, cryptography, and anti-forensics.

Prerequisite: CYB 605, CYB 610, CYB 633, and CYB 673, or permission of instructor

CYB 643 Autonomous Cyber OperationsCredit Hours: 3

Learn the construction, discovery, and analysis of defensive and offensive viral code. You'll also examine the legal issues associated with autonomous operations.

Prerequisites: CYB 605, 610, 633, and 673 or permission of instructor

CYB 649 Advanced Topics in Cyber OperationsCredit Hours: 3

Apply cyber operations techniques to realistic, systems-oriented problem sets in an integrated defensive/offensive scenario-based virtual environment. This course will also address cyber incident response.

Prerequisites: CYB 605, CYB 610, CYB 633, and CYB 673, or permission of instructor

CYB 653 Network ForensicsCredit Hours: 3

Gain an introduction to identifying data of evidentiary value within network communications.

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