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CyberIntelligence Specialization

MS in Cybersecurity

The online world is the newest battlefield in the fight against terrorism and espionage. The Intelligence specialization of the Master's in Cybersecurity is designed for students interested in protecting and maintaining homeland and national security through cyber intelligence and counterintelligence, cyber counterterrorism, and cyber counter sabotage.

The specialization curriculum covers:

  • ::  analysis of global and national cybersecurity policies and their implications
  • ::  the study of the U.S. National Critical Infrastructure
  • ::  intelligence and counterintelligence principles applied to operations involving cyber threats and defense
  • ::  the evolution and growth of terrorist and extremist groups that constitute the greatest threats to modern information-intensive organizations
  • ::  critical incident command, incident response and disaster recovery techniques as it relates to real-world cybersecurity incidents

This specialization will train you to translate homeland and national security policies to the cyber realm. You’ll learn to proactively design secure systems to protect sensitive computer-based information and operations from attacks and unauthorized observation.

Organizations Hiring Cyber Intelligence Graduates

Here are some examples of firms who seek qualified candidates like those graduating from Utica College's cyber intelligence master’s degree program:

  • ::  US Army
  • ::  Interpol
  • ::  US Marshalls Service
  • ::  US Postal Service
  • ::  Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • ::  National Security Agency (NSA)
  • ::  Department of Homeland Security
  • ::  L-3 Communications
  • ::  US Secret Service
  • ::  SRA International
  • ::  BAE Systems
  • ::  US Department of Defense
  • ::  General Dynamics Information Technology
  • ::  CACI International
  • ::  Northrop Grumman
  • ::  Lockheed Martin
  • ::  US Marine Corps
  • ::  US Air Force
  • ::  Booz Allen Hamilton
  • ::  SAIC
  • ::  US Navy

Cyber Intel Analyst Job Description

In your pursuit of a master’s degree in cyber intelligence, perhaps you’d like to know the salary potential, or whether your city has opportunities in this field, or if you should consider another top city for better cyber intelligence career opportunities and job growth. Here is a brief representative profile of a Cyber Intel Analyst salary, job description, growth potential and top cities.

Job Title: Cyber Intel Analyst
Median Salary: $70,006
Top Pay: $102,709
Job Growth, 10 years: 22%

Job Description:

  • ::  Research, analyze, and report on computer network probes, intrusions and attacks. Produce warning reports on impending network attacks against infrastructure systems
  • ::  Monitor current reports of trends, hacker tools and techniques, and malware
  • ::  Determine the probability of exploitation of discovered network vulnerabilities
  • ::  Develop cyber countermeasures based on findings during investigations and/or incident handling procedures

Top Cities: Washington, DC; Colorado Springs, CO; Salt Lake City, UT; Research Triangle, NC; San Antonio, TX1

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