Meet the Faculty for the Certificate in Cybersecurity Technologies

Salvatore "Sal" C. Paladino, III, MBA Adjunct Professor, Cybersecurity
Joseph C. Kissinger, M.S. Professional Teaching Assistant, Cybersecurity
Robert Coccaro, M.S. Professional Teaching Assistant, Cybersecurity
Leslie Corbo, D.Sc. Director, Cybersecurity Associate Professor
Robert DeCarlo, Jr., M.S., MBA Adjunct Instructor, Cybersecurity
Anthony J. DeSarro, M.S. Adjunct Lecturer, Cybersecurity
Austen D. Givens, Ph.D. Director of Graduate Cybersecurity Programs | Assistant Professor, Cybersecurity, and Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis
Cynthia Gonnella, M.S., Net+, Sec+, CISSP Adjunct Instructor, Cybersecurity
Chester "Chet" D. Hosmer Adjunct Lecturer, Cybersecurity
Maria L. Cornacchia, M.S. Professional Teaching Assistant, Cybersecurity
Zachary Lewis, M.S. Adjunct Lecturer, Cybersecurity
William M. Virkler, MBA Associate Dean, Business and Justice Studies
Chester Maciag, M.S. Adjunct Professor, Cybersecurity
Vernon McCandlish, M.S. Adjunct Lecturer, Cybersecurity
Ismael Morales, M.S. Assistant Professor, Cybersecurity
Paul Pantani, M.S. Adjunct Lecturer, Cybersecurity
Stephen Pearson, DBA Adjunct Lecturer, Cybersecurity
Leonard Popyack, Ph.D. Professor of Practice, Cybersecurity
Christopher Riddell, M.S., LP.D., CFE Adjunct Professor, Cybersecurity
Joseph V. Giordano, M.S. Professor of Practice and Director, Cybersecurity
Gregory E. Walsh, Ed.D. Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
Michael Weiskopff, M.S. Adjunct Professor, Cybersecurity
John Wulff, M.S. Adjunct Professor, Cybersecurity