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Online Doctorate Degrees

Physical Therapy (pptDPT)
Licensed Physical Therapists now have the opportunity to earn a Post-Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Utica College through this innovative online program. Courses are all taught by qualified and experienced clinicians and are taken online in addition to one campus residency.

The program is called a t-DPT or transitional DPT program—and still referred to as such at some schools—the ppDPT was borne from the American Physical Therapy Association's new Vision statement, which is to "Transform society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience." The push to doctorate status is to enable PTs to be independent healthcare professionals and autonomous practitioners.

The DPT is now the required degree minimum for anyone who pursues a degree in physical therapy. The DPT puts emphasis on evidence-based practice and research knowledge specifically aimed at clinical practice, not research or academic career paths.

What is the difference between a ppDPT and a PhD in Physical Therapy?

The ppDPT is a clinical doctorate whereas the PhD is an academic doctorate. A PhD may pursue an academic teaching or research-focused career path. With a ppDPT, most physical therapists stay in clinical practice. Job titles for a ppDPT may or may not change before and after achieving the degree. Sample job titles often indicate the niche or specialization in which the therapist works:

  • ::  Staff Physical Therapist
  • ::  School-Based Physical Therapist
  • ::  Home Health Physical Therapist
  • ::  Pediatric Physical Therapist
  • ::  Geriatric Physical Therapist

What is Vision 2020?

Vision 2020 served as the vision statement for the physical therapy profession from its adoption by the 2000 APTA House of Delegates (House) until the 2013 House adopted the current Vision Statement for the Physical Therapy Profession. The values of Vision 2020, including “Autonomous PT practice, Direct Access, DPT and Lifelong Education, Evidence-based Practice, Practitioner of Choice, and Professionalism, remain influential to the realization of the current vision.

Take your professional skills to the next level in one of the fastest-growing occupations, projected to grow 36% by 20221, with our post-professional Doctor of Physical Therapy online. Request More Information or call us today at 315.732.2640 or toll-free at 866.295.3106 to speak with a Program Manager.

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