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Physical Therapy Student Learning Goals

Graduates of the online transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy program will be able to:

  • ::  Demonstrate the ability to locate and critically analyze the literature to develop hypotheses to guide clinical decisions for patient/clients.
  • ::  Use computer and/or communication technology to gather information to address clinical questions and about efficacy of practice.
  • ::  Integrate cultural competence into professional behavior and clinical encounters with all clients.
  • ::  Appraise levels of sensitivity and specificity of evidence to make clinical judgments.
  • ::  Integrate research evidence, patient values & preferences, ethics and clinical experience to examine patient/clients across the lifespan.
  • ::  Display adherence to physical therapy core values and professional standards.

Institutional Level Intellectual Skills

  • 1- Communication – The ability to communicate information and attitudes clearly and precisely.
  • 2- Critical Analysis and Reasoning – The ability to seek out relevant evidence, evaluate it, and draw justified conclusions.
  • 3- Synthesis – The ability to draw fruitful connections between topics and ideas and to create new understanding.
  • 4- Social Awareness – An understanding of the nature and origins of the social world and an ability to operate within it.
  • 5- Quantitative Literacy – The ability to interpret quantitative information and present information in quantitative forms.

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